[WIN] Fuzigish, General Disarray (Aus) & The Shabeen at Mercury, 13 Dec ’13

FUZIGISH have unleashed their new album ‘Crazy Friends’! The most anticipated album since the last most anticipated album.Fuzi

An album containing 16 ‘GiSHCORE’ classics, highlighting their trademark punk & ska sound, that has been blamed for many big parties and even bigger hang-overs.


Joining them for the launch will be General Disarray, hailing all the way from Australia. Technical riffs, intricate time signatures, heart-warming harmonies and sonically beautiful. General Disarray are none of these things. But like a bad case of herpes their wild shows will leave you itchin’ for more.


The Shabeen trio sing songs about talking to trees and dickheads and certainly won’t disappoint. Filling in on the drums will also be none other than Kyle Gray…



Mercury Live

R50 Presale & R60 At The Door

GET TICKETS NOW - http://www.webtickets.co.za/event.aspx?itemid=407502299


Just tell us who you are and who is your CRAZY FRIEND you want to take with to the gig!

3 Responses to [WIN] Fuzigish, General Disarray (Aus) & The Shabeen at Mercury, 13 Dec ’13

  • Darren Blair says:

    Taking my imaginary friend Jonny – does that make me the crazy one?

  • Robert says:

    Taking the missus, everyone needs an introduction to good music

  • Buzzy Joell says:

    Id take my crazy girlfriend coz she is the only one crazy enough to come to the bar and order many drinks (24tequilas) … little bird dont you fly away … coz ur everything that I need today, its cold and grey ….. hee a hahahahah

    See you dudes at the bar and then in the pit for a crazy skank. Yeah man

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