Janus Interviews Snowing Down South

Interview done by Janus de Villiers (@hallojanus)

Photos by Geran van Zyl

Still a relatively new band on the local music scene, Snowing Down South is an act with plenty of rock and roll to go around.

With a raw and uncut sound, kilometers away from the rounded electronic beats Simeon and Gust’s became famous for as part of the MK Rockspaaider band Alleen Na Desember, Snowing Down South is hungry for their big break.

They’ve done a coastal tour with Van Coke Kartel, played festivals, and even sold out shows with Fokofpolisiekar and Holliday Murray. Not too shabby for a up-and-coming act, right?

I’ve had the opportunity to chat with Paul, Gust and Simeon Kriel to hear what their plans for the future are.


How hardcore can a band from Potchefstroom really be?

Paul:  Potchefstroom  has been compared to being the San Francisco of South Africa. In recent years we have only seen the lighter “Liefde wen”-side of Potch, which is all very fun and cute, but doesn’t exactly describe the murkier side we have all come to know.

This isn’t your first band. What other projects have you been involved with?

Paul:  Simeon and Gust come out of an interesting Afrikaans Electrocore type band called Alleen Na Desember, but this is the first serious project Lihan and I have taken on.


You’re still unsigned. What record label would you like to be signed to, and why?

Lihan: Any label that’s willing to help the band achieve their goals. South-Africa have such amazing musical talent and a fast-growing music industry, but bands are forced to go look overseas for support.

Simeon:We need a label that will work with us and the vision of Snowing Down South. Honestly, I don’t give a shit where the label is from or which label it is. It’s about the label helping the band and us as band helping the label. (It’s about having more of a friendship than a partnership.)


What’s been the wildest party of 2012?

Gust: As you know we are a party band, so we always try to make the gigs we play parties. The wildest party of last year was the “Summer Fucking Loving Vibes” tour with Van Coke Kartel over the past holiday. The cocktails, shots and brandy specials made for one of the most eventful times I could’ve ever imagined. I spent a night in jail, two of our friends ended up in the hospital and the next day we had to play the Hazenvlakte festival in Bredasdorp

Paul:  Also, I’m pretty sure Simeon stole Francois van Coke and Jedi’s coke when we played  Aardklop with them.


Your first single “It’s Not Your Fault” shares a title with one of 2012’s biggest international hits, from the rockgroup Awolnation. Coincidence?

Paul:  Yeah. That song was no sail.

Lihan: I honestly don’t know who Awolnation is.


Snowing Down South - photo by Geran van Zyl

Snowing Down South – photo by Geran van Zyl


What’s your song, “It’s Not Your Fault” about?

Paul:  About accepting that sometimes in life, you are the asshole.

Simeon: The song is about Paul thinking he’s an asshole.


What local band do you sound most like?

Paul: To be a bit arrogant, no one. Our sound is modeled for the universal market, but we have been told that we share the rawness of a young Van Coke Cartel.


Sex, drugs or rock’n’roll?

Gust: It’s about rock and roll!

Simeon: Everybody is having sex, the drugs aren’t what they used to be and rock and roll is just waiting to be re-invented. Words to live by!


Snowing Down South - photo by Geran van Zyl

Snowing Down South – photo by Geran van Zyl


Who’s the hottest member in the band?

Gust: Gust. And Gust.


What’s in the pipeline for 2013?

Gust: 2013 will be the year that we’ll take over South Africa.

Simeon: The pipeline’s full. There are some exciting things we can’t mention yet, but we’ll see all of South Africa’s pretty faces soon. We will drop our first EP in a few months and tour the shit out of it.


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