A New Star Arises – Johnny Allstar

Written by Dee Theart (@deetheart)

Let’s face it: The local music scene is not for the faint at heart. Famous bands make it big time, whilst young bands struggle to break into the industry. Therefore one has to commend new bands for looking past this fact and creating music because of their absolute passion. Eurice van Zyl and Tian Nel are both part of Die Seisoen Na Somer, a band that has been around since 2008, making quite a name for themselves. Two months ago they started writing songs that they thought would not fit in with Die Seisoen Na Somer. The acoustic experimental band, Johnny Allstar, was born. 

Johnny Allstar by Jacques Greyling

Why the name Johnny Allstar?

The idea behind Johnny Allstar was to make it a collaboration project, so that’s where the ‘Allstar’ comes from. We just added the ‘Johnny’ because we thought it sounded pretty cool. Haha.


Is it correct to assume that you guys wear Allstar shoes most of the time?  

Jip, it’s our favourite footwear. We even have a pair each custom made for us.


So being a self-proclaimed experimental act, who are your musicals idols? 

There are too many bands/artists that we draw inspiration from, so it’s safe to say that there isn’t one piece of music we hear that doesn’t influence us somehow.


How does the song writing process work in the band?

Usually Eurice has some lyrics that he’s been working on, so we just take that and build a basic song structure around it. Then it just kind of takes off from there.

Johnny Allstar by Jacques Greyling

What are your songs about? 

We mostly draw inspiration from our own lives and things we have both been through. So our songs are pretty much about anything and everything.


What do you think you bring to the music scene that make you stand apart from the rest? 

We’ve got a total new sound – nobody else at the moment that we know of has a similar sound.


What is the most difficult aspect of starting out as a new band in SA?

Probably to get your music out there and to make people pay attention.


What has been your most embarrassing moment on stage? 

As part of Die Seisoen Na Somer, Eurice once performed with an open skinny jean zip and fell on stage after trying to jump from one stage to another… haha. Tian is always embarrassing on stage … haha.


Give us some interesting, juicy facts about you two. 

Tian is addicted to Steri Stumpies. Eurice gets very nervous before performing and gets sick sometimes. He also loves wine toooo much, but also trains very hard on his bicycle (ironic).


What is in the pipeline for Johnny Allstar in the near future?

We are going to start working on an EP/album early next year. We will also be releasing a music video sometime soon, as well as a few new songs.


Go and check Johnny Allstar out at www.facebook.com/johnnyallstarband. Their songs are up for free download.

 The industry needs more brave souls like Johnny Allstar. Welcome to the scene, guys!

Johnny Allstar by Jacques Greyling

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