A Valentine’s Day Playlist: Love Is Alright, We Guess

It is only in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day that radio stations start to break into their sickly sweet reserve of commercial love songs. Most of the songs are pretty terrible and there is very little you can do to escape it. It will be everywhere from the radio to the shops to being blared from that lowrider GTI that just pulled up next to you. You could try to run for it, but perhaps it is better to embrace it and join in on the celebration of love. We have decided to create a playlist comprising of love songs you will not typically hear on the radio at this time of the year. Sure. You may be reminded of your soul-crushing loneliness. At least, you will have good music to accompany it. If you have plans for Valentine’s Day then be sure to use this playlist to set the mood, and if you don’t then quickly go look at our Valentine’s Day competitions for Backsberg Concerts and Hillcrest Quarry.

Vance Joy – “Fire and the Flood”

Vance Joy is renowned for delivering hauntingly beautiful love songs and this is no exception. Acoustic guitar chords wrap themselves around brass sections as he sings about always having his love close to his heart. Could this man just stop being so beautiful?

Best Coast – “When I’m With You”

Best Coast hit you with  a hazy slow-burning indie-pop anthem about having fun with your significant other. Which is something we should all do on Valentines Day, or just every day.

Bloc Party – “This Modern Love”

If you are a fan of How I Met Your Mother then this is a bittersweet song. It shall forever remind me of the day Ted got Robin, but Lily decided to leave Marshall. For our purposes, we are just going to remember it as the song that was playing while Ted drove home from Robin. It is truly a song decided for that melancholic slow-dance.

Her Bright Skies – “Bonnie and Clyde (The Revolution)”

There is a weird sense of romantic beauty to this song. It is meant to be about changing the world, but the title of “Bonnie and Clyde” and the music video just reinforce the idea of changing the world while having your significant other next to you? Perhaps it is the whole idea of a “love revolution”, or the lyric of “start fires every time we kiss”.

The Maine – “Into Your Arms”

What is Valentines Day without a slow-burning melancholic pop punk ballad about chasing after the one you love? Pretty pathetic if you ask me. The Maine may sing a song that talks about being in a failing relationship, but the song ends on the note of wanting to fall back into the arms of their lover – essentially saying they want to try to make it work.

A Day To Remember – Have Faith In Me

Relationships always have difficulties. There are going to be times where the entire affiar makes you want to assume the foetal position and have a good cry. “Have Faith In Me” is all about pushing through those difficult times, because in the end it will usually all be worth it. It’s one of those love songs that go against the grain of being happy-go-lucky.


The Mowgli’s – ‘Hi, Hey There, Hello”

This is a happy-go-lucky love song packed with infectious joys that just talks about wanting to go on a date with someone, and then hopefully fall in love with them. It is simple, catchy and perfect for joyful romp around town.

We Came As Romans – “Glad You Came”

Let’s be honest. Many people are expecting to get lucky on Valentines Day. It is a day of romance and in modern society – romance often ends in sex. We Came As Romans’s superior cover of The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” reflects that notion, or perhaps it just reflects the notion of creating a brilliant date. Either way, it does speak of being happy that a certain someone is around.

Paramore – “My Heart”

Paramore is more renowned for fast-paced pop punk anthems that spit in the face of love. Most of their songs revolve around energetic love anthems that speak of the futility of love, but “My Heart” is an exception, but not the only one. It is a slowburning ballad that talks about how Hayley Williams really misses someone and how her heart belongs to them. The best part about this song is how it starts off as a ballad and transcned into a post-hardcore breakdown towards the end of the song as the Farro brothers scream over chugging guitars and crashing drums.

Alkaline Trio – “Every Thug Needs A Lady”

Punk rock is not big on writing love songs. They prefer something about standing up against the establishment, but Alkaline Trio decided it was necessary to divert away from this theme with “Every Thug Needs A Lady” which speaks about the gritty side of love, and how even assholes need some love.


Death Cab for Cutie – “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”

The premise of this song goes something like this: “If you die – I’ll meet you on the other side.” It embodies the idea f loving someone until death, and then continuing to love me. It also makes for a brilliant to which a couple can slow-dance.

AWOLNATION – “Not Your Fault”

Every day needs some stop-motion animation in it especially if it reflects the trials and tribulations of love. AWOLNATION wear their hearts on their sleeves in this masochistic love song.

Avril Lavinge – “Smile”

Remember when Avril Lavinge wrote ridiculously catchy pop punk songs and wasn’t married to Chad Kroeger? Yeah, we do too. She also wrote some incredibly brilliant, albeit gushy, love songs back in those days. “Smile” hits you with a love song that goes against the grain of commercial pop music with its litany of swear and entrenched self-loathing. It is an entire song dedicated to a man that won her heart when others would run away.


Walk The Moon – “Shut Up and Dance”

Reasons to love this song: the music video is sublime, the song does not sacrifice musical integrity for catchiness, and the lyrics sing about soul mates and love at first sight. It is perfect for an impromptu singalong while you drive to the venue of your date.

Blessthefall – “40 Days…”

This was written for Beau Bokan’s wife. We don’t even have to explain any further as to why this song should be regarded as a must for any Valentine’s Playlist.


Simple Plan – “Boom”

Simple Plan was never big on love songs, but that was when they were the poster children for the emo phase. They’re all now 40-year-old dads with wives so it makes since that their comeback single is a no-holds-barred pop punk love anthem.

Blink 182 –” First Date”

Using Valentines Day to start your relationship? Risky move, but Bink 182 have got you covered.



The Starting Line – “Best Of Me”

Only an early 2000s pop punk would think it is a great idea to recreate that classic scene from Say Anything with an entire band. Their logic is flawed but at least, we got a great song about chasing after the one you love and doing everything you can to win them over.


New Found Glory – “Viscous Love feat. Hayley Williams”


Love hurts sometimes is what New Found Glory are trying to tell us. What makes this song even more romantic is that Hayley Williams, Chad Gilbert’s fiance, features on this song. The message of the song can be fund in the lyric of “we fight as hard as we love”.


We Are The In Crowd – “Kiss Me Again”

The title says it all.


Sum 41 – “With Me”

You can’t throw a stone in this song without hitting melancholy. It’s a tragic and heart-wrenching song about doing everything to keep someone around.


Neck Deep – “A Part of Me”

This is a tricky song because it has sentiments of love and resentment, but I guess that love always has some aspect of resentment to it especially if the relationship ends. It is hard to ignore that fact and Neck Deep accurately capture the kind of love that exists after the end of a relationship.

The Wombats – “Give Me A Try”

Guys. Girls. Give that hopeless romantic that tries to ask you out a chance. They could be the one.


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