Al Bairre releases -viral- music video for We Move On!

by Katherine Brookes (@KathValenti)

At the time of writing this piece, Al Bairre’s views for their We Move On video was on 5727. Impressive for any local act, except this video was only posted on Youtube two days ago. Yah, you read right; two days ago.

Al Bairre We Move On Snapshot

They managed to get 3000 views within the first day and by Monday mid-morning the video was trending on Youtube. What’s great about this is that other people who aren’t familiar with Al Bairre’s sound, will want to see what all the fuss is about, thus expanding their already solid fan base. The video is simple, but cleverly shot and doesn’t distract the viewer or take away from the song. “When bad videos happen to good songs” is definitely not applicable here.

I’m not sure if it’s We Move On’s catchy tune, the similarly-dressed twins, happy shirts or flying fish that has made this video so successful, but obviously they’re doing something right…


You can watch the music video for We Move On over here:


How does it feel getting a smell of a video going viral?

Al Bairre:

“It feels overwhelming and we are just in love with everybody. We just wish we had known this was going to happen so we could have pulled better faces when filming, our lead singer isn’t usually that unhappy. But after all it is a sad song, we just disguised it as a happy song so people would dance instead of cry.”


Though a very simple music video, ‘We Move On’s music video suites brilliantly, how was the concept of this video started?


“SA music is not supported as much as it should be. So obviously when it comes to making a music video there are certain budget restraints. People often try to do too much in their videos and unfortunately it often looks bad.

I thought how I could make a video that was simple and still kept the audience interested?

At the time we (TinToy Productions) were playing around with 400 fps (slow-motion) and we thought wouldn’t it be cool to do a music video where food hits people in the face. At first we were like what band would possibly go with that idea? And then we thought, “Hey, Al Bairre would”.

The changing of the shirt aspect came from the bouncy fun beat and constantly seeing band perform live in a number of unique looking shirts. By keeping Nic in the centre of the frame we were able to achieve the illusion of his shirt constantly changing, without affecting the lyrics.”

Filming the food being thrown at 400fps was awesome fun, but the studio went from being a completely white wall, to looking like a “Jackson Pollock”

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  1. Charl

    May 29, 2013 at 10:54 am

    This is great news for Al Bairre and the South African music scene. Congrats to them.
    I don’t know if you guys are aware of the fact that there is a South African band with almost 1,2 million views on their one video. Also a video that went viral.
    If you don’t believe me, go search “All Will Fall – Shadows” on Youtube.

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