ALBUM REVIEW: Mac DeMarco – Another One

Stop on by, I’ll make you a cup of coffee. See you later.”

So closes Mac DeMarco’s new 8-track mini LP, Another One in which he openly invites his fans to visit him at his home in New York. This is a highly unusual thing for a musician of his steadily increasing status to do, but it simply illustrates just how honest, open and chilled a guy Mac DeMarco actually is. This fleeting 23 minute record is a snapshot, a mere nibble to keep us going until the next one – but it’s delicious.

DeMarco, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, wrote the entire project within a week and recorded it in his home ten days later. There might be certain scruffiness to the album, but in a comfortably relaxed way, and his sensitive song writing and characteristic jazzy tunes are as smoothly orchestrated as ever.

Twanging, jangling synthesised strings and keyboard are interspersed with slick guitar work and tinkling off beat percussive riffs. This is the slow, delicately grooving album to put on at the end of an afternoon and watch the sun go down. Off kilter beats are paired with echoing vocals – surprisingly smooth given the fact he is prone to sing with a cigarette between his teeth. There is an unusually level element to this album, on account of the fact that his vocals are on the same plane as the symphonic elements. His voice blends effortlessly with the melody, creating music which is not dominated by vocals but simply including them in the song as a whole.

The album explores in depth the many different facets of love and DeMarco’s sensitive, sincere song writing rings true on every track. For the most part the album cruises languidly through at a steady and relaxed pace. The sound is down tempo, but never boring, as DeMarco’s reinvented jazz tunes are always incorporating and welcoming the unusual.

“I’ve Been Waiting For Her” picks up the pace a little with bouncy percussion and funky baselines as his carefree attitude begins to seep into the music. The closing track, “My House On The Water” consists simply of the sound of water lapping at the shore and jangling keyboard riffs. And as the songs fades out he delivers his final gift: an address and an invitation to coffee.

Rating: 8/10

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