ALT EGO Releases Debut Self-Titled Album

First this talented duo brought us the sounds of Acoustic Element. Now cousins Callen Petersen and Jody Abel have once again combined their musical talents to explore a different side to Acoustic Element. They stayed true to the acoustic feel of their instruments whilst exploring the alter ego of their own brand. The result: ALT EGO – a brand new, electrifying dance act, where violin and guitar fuses with electric synths and house beats and they have just released their debut self-titled album – ALT EGO.

We know you guys from Acoustic Element. Now you have done a complete 180 and released a debut offering as Alt Ego – why the change in heart?
There’s not really a change of heart. Acoustic Element has been an amazing journey and we see it growing from strength to strength in the corporate field. ALT EGO was literally finding the alter ego to Acoustic Element and playing with new sounds, taking risks regarding production and adding a more synth and dance base – all while keeping the signature formula of violin, guitar and beat boxing. Its more so another branch to the AE franchise.

Are there any similarities in the way you wrote and made the new album, that you also did for Acoustic Element?
Acoustic Element is predominately an acoustic cover band of current popular songs – so there is more arranging of music rather than composing.  ALT EGO is all original dance and house music, sometimes using samples of classical pieces – which involves more writing and producing.  Once we discovered and refined the sound we were going for on the album the writing process was an interesting one involving a lot of collaboration with vocalists and lyricists.

You mentioned it took just under 2 years to complete the new album – was it difficult initially to find the perfect sound for Alt Ego and refining it? How did you choose in which direction to go and which genres of music to incorporate?
Exactly that.  Finding the direction was the most challenging part – but once we found it, it was just go, go, go! We went wit genres that we love listening and jolling to – so it’s a body of work that is very us. Once we worked on a beat that we loved, we started layering melodies over and then it was a collab between artists on the vocals.  It’s a very collaborative album.

You have various collaborations on the new album – the likes of Lakota Silva, Four, Mathew Gold and more. Why the decision to collaborate on some of the songs and what do you feel each artist brought to the table?
Each artist brought something so fresh and new to the songs. We carefully selected them in terms of who we felt could carry each song personally – we were quite specific with who we wanted to work with! It was also quite a throwback as Jody went to high school with one of the boys from FOUR (David) and I went to school with Lakota. So it was fun catching up and seeing the growth in their respective careers. We decided on all the vocal collabs to keep the album different and interesting – we are first and foremost instrumentalists, after all!

On release day, ALT EGO the album, went to #1 on the iTunes Top 100 Dance Music Chart for albums, an incredible achievement for a debut offering. How did this recognition feel for the new album on Day #1?
To be on the same chart as some of our heroes in the industry was amazing! We love Kyle Watson, TimoODV, Goldfish, Chunda Munki and DJ Kent.  So we were bouncing off the walls to be listed amongst the likes of them.

What is next for ALT EGO?
First a holiday! We are taking two weeks off in July to get inspired and hear the latest trends in music at Ultra Europe in July. From the business side, we will be continuing our residency at the One&Only Cape Town every Wednesday and Friday evening. September also brings our first international gig in Stolkholm, Sweden.
And then, of course, we have started playing and experimenting  with new sounds for the next album!

Get the new ALT EGO album here on iTunes

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  1. Sandra Liva

    July 23, 2017 at 12:51 am

    nice duo, looking up to psquare

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