How to get the attention of media and industry professionals:

Working in the music industry and wearing many hats, from blogger to ex-band manager and now representing an events company behind festivals like Plett Rage I receive thousands of emails daily.

Although you think that you as an artist might be the next big thing, there are many deciding factors to why you aren’t being featured in the media; why a manager or record label isn’t interested in your brand or why you aren’t being booked for that dream show you want to play!

The biggest downfall to many of your problems could be the manner of your approach or the timing.
I’ve made a list of the best tips on ‘How To’ if you would like more information to be sure to watch Renman Music & Business’ Youtube video.

SA Music Scene Music Business Tips - 3

General Tips:

  • Keep it short and sweet, give the facts.
  • Tell your story in a compelling yet short description.
  • Make sure you have a professional visual reference to represent your brand.
  • Keep your social media presentable and communication online needs to represent your brand.
  • Get someone to represent you that’s a people’s person. Getting someone you’re submitting to, to remember your name is very important.
  • When reaching out to someone, you want something of value. Don’t focus on yourself, focus on the person you’re approaching – their time is valuable.
  • Persistence can turn into annoyance – follow up once or twice, but after that, you need to give at least a week. People in the music industry are generally extremely busy, if you are memorable they won’t put you to the side.
  • Timing is everything, the perfect single / music video released on the incorrect time is one of the biggest downfalls. Research other artist release dates and avoid clashes; social media hyped times and what blogs / media lead times are.
  • Try to make a personal connection, showing you did your research and truly care about them.
  • Managers / media want to manage and promote successful bands, these parties are doing what do for a living – time is money let professionals make money for themselves and therefore for you.
  • Build a relationship, remember every day another up-and-coming artist like yourself, is approaching the professional with the same aim as you.
  • Ask for advice, but also do research, if a professional can hear you’ve done research they’ll make the time to help you

SA Music Scene Music Business Tips - 1


Tips on approaching managers:

  • Build your band and brand up to a level which managers want to be involved. It’s more than likely that if you’re approaching a potential manager you’ve contacted them way too early. Wait till manager start taking an interest in you before asking for their investment. A good manager is always looking for something new, exciting and a challenge to expose to what you deserve!
  • The music business is business first, music second – for musos this is very challenge to see and accept due to music being an emotionally involved medium.
  • If you’re an artist that isn’t interested in the business side of the industry trust your manager if he/she has the experience and passion

Tips on approaching media:

  • The best way to get the attention of the media is to email, but make your email stand out and sound personal. Make sure you’re talking to the right person, do not approach them through their general email contact on their website / social media page.
  • When approaching media, exclusive content is key. Approach media to release exclusive content that they release on their platform and hype that content. You’ll find other media will take notice and jump onto the news. Exclusivity could be a week long, a few days or for bigger artists a few hours.
  • Promoting events through running giveaways isn’t the biggest attention finder, releasing exciting competitions with merch, etc could be.
  • When hiring a publicist to make sure you have enough content for newsworthy posts, create a PR strategy – don’t settle for the obvious and watered-down means of releasing news / music.

If, you’d like to contact me, after reading my tips as a blogger please feel free to email

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