Beautiful People: Frans van Wyk

If you’re not familiar with the annual Sanlam Sing ‘It competition, here’s the gist of it: every year, aspiring lyricists send in their best work. Four artists/bands then choose their favourite lyrics and then write the music.

Which brings us to this week’s Beautiful People feature; Frans van Wyk, winner of the 2013 Sanlam Sing ‘It competition and vocalist of Pretoria-based band Hey, River!

 One of the great things about being involved with SAMS is that we’re constantly exposed to musicians we wouldn’t necessarily have been exposed to otherwise and I’m happy that we’re in a position to give credit to these individuals on a platform like this.

Beautiful People- Frans van Wyk_1

Even though Frans won the 2013 Sing ‘It competition, I wish I’d seen more of his work following his win, because Hey, River! are one of those bands that grab you from the get-go. Happy music, if you will. The Pretoria-based band would be the ideal soundtrack to a drunken RTD afternoon and it’s such a pity that they’re not nearly as well-known as they deserve to be. I truly hope this changes very soon.

You can watch Hey, River’s “Run Boy” video over here:

And check out Frans and Straatligkinders’ winning Sing ‘It song: 

I hope to see much more of Frans van Wyk and Hey, River! in the future.

The idea behind The Beautiful People is to give recognition the people in our industry who bring us joy through music and art, but I think it’s also important to focus on the people who give of themselves to better a growing, but difficult industry. So, if you guys know of people who have been involved with any projects where they try to better the community through art, you can pop me a mail at for future posts.  

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