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Interview by Ezelle Louw (@lupaphoto)

You need to bookmark the 27th of September. Write it down, schedule an alarm , do what you have to join the launch of Epoch at Aandklas. This was a tough journey for the band to finish the project with the passing of Pierre Joubert. I can confidently speak for all of the fans in saying we are ecstatic they pushed the boundaries and delivered what is going to be an album to own in your music collection. I had a quick chat with Danie about the launch and what we can expect.

The album launch of Epoch is around the corner, tell us the kind of preparation you are currently going through to get ready for this special night?
We knew we had to launch the album, so we got Justin Versfeld in to fill Pierre’s duty for this show. Justin actually gave some lessons to Pierre back in the day, and it just feels right to have him on stage with us. That being said, we are rehearsing like mad cows at the moment.

The event is happening the 27th of September at Aandklas, tell us a bit more about supporting acts and what we can expect on the night?
We decided to make this a very memorable evening with bands we have shared the stage with many moons ago, where we as band started. On the night our longstanding band buddies, 3rd World Spectator, will be joining us plus we managed to pull the three guys from Heldervue back together again as a reunion show on their part. Looking forward to share the stage with all these guys again!

Epoch is classified as an instant in time chosen as the origin of a particular era. Does the title connect to your music, the start of a ‘new era’ in your music?
The name was chosen at the start of the album process, being said with how this album came to life, it made more sense to keep the title. The decision was made to bank these songs and start from fresh. So in essence it is a closing to a chapter and a start of a “new era” for us.

Black Market Riots - Epoch Poster

Not only is the 27th the launch of Epoch, but the whole night will be in tribute to Pierre Joubert, who you sadly lost as brother. I say brother in context to band member, as being a part of a band for so long, you become brothers, I believe. This must have been a very difficult time for you as band to make a decision regarding how to proceed with the unfinished album and bring it to where it is now? Tell us a bit more?
Indeed, it took us a while to make a decision, but we knew that we had to finish this off. It was super difficult not to have him by our side through the last steps of this album, but we kept our heads up and did what felt was necessary and what came naturally. Unfortunately we could only finish 8 of the 11 tracks for the album as this was the only songs Pierre finished off before he passed away. It’s going to be a very honest album, with and without its flaws and to us it just feels like a sentimental album.

We love behind the scene stories. Wrapping up the album, going in for recording and being in studio, any tales worth telling?
So many to tell…The entire idea behind this album was DIO (do it ourselves) which we did at Roméo Hotel Studios. When we started tracking drums, we had no mic stands which lead to using camera tripods, speaker stands, broken drum shafts, guitar stands and many more! Super funny day that was. Then we started doing a lot of guitar takes and doing as much layering as possible. This album took sooooo long, reason being that we could only fit schedules in between gigs, studio availability and just general life.
After Pierre’s passing we decided to re-record the drums again at VH Music and for that we couldn’t have made a better decision. Wouter van de Venter helped us out in a big way! All in all, late nights, many beers, long discussions and a crap load of jokes, videos and photos. Always fun!

Will you be touring with the album anytime soon? Any other shows we should look out for after the official album launch?
At this point of time we are not to sure how to proceed in playing the album, we might get someone in to stand in for these songs on Pierre’s behalf,but no plans yet unfortunately. We will be playing them in future, for now we are in a writing process, so please be patient.

Aandklas has always been a very special venue for you as band, tell us why?
Back in 2008 we needed a venue to play our very first show, and many venues shot us down. Marcus took a leap of faith and gave us a slot. This was such a great experience for us as a band back then. We have learnt so much from our very first show and can’t thank Marcus enough for helping us on this journey. It’s a great place to play because of the general atmosphere and this makes us feel at home.

Describe the album in a few words, what you would like your fans to take from it…
Sentimental. People may crit, destroy or love the album, it doesn’t make a difference to us. We just know that this is something we had to finish off and be able to hear the sounds we as a 4 piece created.

One album and or live performance that has changed you and / or your music taste in a big way?

One album: Brand New – Daisy. This band really knows how to do underground music. So much respect for them. Regarding a live performance…I would have to say the night we opened for Springbok Nude Girls. On that night it just revealed our inner best and we then realised that you can’t do half assed shows because your crowd feeds off the energy you project.

What is next for Black Market Riots?
Toughie! I think it’s best we keep this a secret for now 🙂

If I’m right, Danie, you write most of the lyrics? What is your process regarding writing songs? Do you have a certain ‘routine’ or does inspiration hit you from nowhere?
Nope, no routine. I like to deal with topics not only in my own life, but stories I hear from friends or random things triggering people in their lives. I wouldn’t say it hits me from nowhere, if it does then my lyrics sometimes would make no sense. However, we did have a song and I decided to call it Indiana Jones…this was mostly a joke in the band, because it was aimed at Indy music, so I changed it to Glass Houses which has a MUCH deeper meaning now, as previous title was a bit rude and I felt kinda bad about it…oops.

After the launch, where will fans be able to purchase Epoch?
Mostly at our gigs or they can mail us to or from our Facebook page.  For now it will be on order base until we hit the stages again!


At the launch you say other merchandise will be available, what do you have for us?
This is a bummer of a answer: Unfortunately t-shirts. They are seriously KIEF, so come get one for R100.

You’ve played with so many big names in the industry and most big festivals, what is the next mountain to conquer?
At the moment we are digging through a major mountain to come out on the other side and then we will set our sites on a new mountain and start climbing. Hopefully a new album soon and many major shows.

Last wise words…….
If a dog pees on your sandcastle, start a new sandcastle.

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Listen to a preview to album HERE


Epoch Album Launch Details 

27 September 2014 , Aandklas Stellenbosch

Line up : 

3rd World Spectator 




We have 2 sets of double tickets to give away to the  event as well as a copy of their latest album, Epoch!

Comment below the first time you saw Black Market Riots live in action  or which song made the greatest impression on you

& these prizes could be yours.

Winners will be notified via email 24 September 2014


  1. Niel Joubert

    September 22, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    Saw them at their gig in 2008,at Aandklas. Best song they played was Coin my Eyes.

    Looking forward to this weekend’s show!

  2. Sebinio

    September 23, 2014 at 8:56 am

    I haven’t personally seen Black Market Riots very often but I have listened to your song “Handcuffs” and many others on Soundcloud. I know its about 2 years old but I really love that hit. Its got this melancholy vibe about it and I love when bands gets to show their more vulnerable side. It only proves them to be true artists in my opinion and as another musician. 🙂 whether I win the tickets or not, I’ll still be there without a doubt. Rock on!

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