Week two for Curious Music Discovery I have something different. Do you have that one friend whose music taste makes you doubt the friendship sometimes? Well no need to doubt it, because you can maybe strengthen it by introducing them to KAKKMADDAFAKKA. Don’t you just love repeating the bands name? As unusual yet brilliant as their name is, their music sure does not disappoint. 


KAKKMADDAFAKKA started out in 2004 with just 4 members. Over the years with receiving so much exposure and demand, they added 4 more members. One member for the drums and the 3 piece dancing troupe known aka the Kakkmaddachoir. With so many members you start understanding why their music can’t really be categorised, as they do have so many influences via the members. They describe themselves as Indie RnB but also say that they have many other genre influences such as rock, hip hop, reggae, disco, R&B and house music.

The first KAKKMADDAFAKKA song that stuck out for me was Cool. Check out the music video below, you might be cooler then.

Then the song that I once played on Assembly radio is one that reminds me of the feeling just before summer holiday. One that always needs to be added to any road trip playlist, see Drø sø music video below.


You can find out more about the boys on their social media platforms:





Also do check out their own fashion blog, What your boyfriend should wear:

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