CTMS Interview: The New Name

Interview by : Bronson Vos

Photographs : Supplied by The New Name

One evening, while browsing through the internet I stumbled upon “The New Name” band onYouTube. At first glance of the album cover, I was defiantly intrigued to find out more about this “unheard of” South African band. Man, was I pleasantly surprised by the quality of music this band is capable of producing. I needed to interview these guys to find out more.

“The New Name” was formed in the heart of Pretoria South Africa, Their debut album “He who Overcomes” is influenced by the many years of exposure to various music genres and testifies to their personal struggles and difficulties they have faced along the way. Songs such as “Your Way”, “Mine”, “Reach” and “The Journey of a Heart” depicts the reaction of the human heart when confronted by such realities.

“So often we as human beings walk around with wounds from our past, without realising how it affects us. Many will be able to relate, as these songs address the realities of dealing with such struggles, and speak of hope and fulfilment. A sincere and honest account of life and dealing with hurt, as we search for true meaning in this world” The New Name.

“The New Name” band is made up of four members :

Dian Jordaan | Vocals

Guitar Paul Hugo | Guitar

Rupert Conradie | Drums

Roald Nel | Bass Guitar

 Band 2

Tell us how you guys came about the name of the band?

Well the name of the band was taken from a verse out of the bible – Revelation 3:12 “Him who overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of my God. Never again will he leave it. I will write on him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my God; and I will also write on him My NEW NAME”


The album cover really grabbed my attention, what are you trying to depict?

The face on the cover has two sides. The one side of the face represents the old man. For me personally it speaks of a time when I felt empty, depressed, broken and had nothing to live for. The other side of the face represents the new man, speaking of hope, purpose, destiny and a future worth living for. The underlying theme for most of the album is one of hope whilst dealing with disappointments and the challenges that life presents.


Can you give us more info on the band members and how they came about to be part of “The New Name” and the roles they play?

All of the members playing on this first album are all old friends of mine. We have known each other for many years, playing alongside each other in various different bands in different clubs and genres over the years. When the time came to find musicians with the same view regarding music and the message we want to communicate, we somehow just seemed to click and coming together making music was a really painless process. New members have also joined in the last couple of months and these members will be introduced on our website soon.

cover copy

You guys have managed to create an easy listening album. Who would you compare yourselves to?

I am afraid I really struggle with this question and listeners will have to make up their own minds. We have all been influenced by so many music styles, songwriters and musicians over the years. Some of the tracks on the album are a bit more “rocky” and guitar riff driven even whilst others are more toned down. Some of the comparisons I have heard people mention stretch from bands like “30 seconds to mars” to “10th avenue north and even “Jason Upton – All across the spectrum.


The album is jam packed with great songs from “Pour Out”, “Reach” & “You Are”. One song in particular “Suddenly” grabs attention. What is the message and meaning behind this song?

This is the one song that was kind of put together at the last minute and I remember finishing the lyrics in the studio during lunch. As I finished the last line the sound engineer walked in and we started laying down the vocals immediately. It is one of the toned down songs on the album. Simply put,

“Suddenly” is a song about Jesus. This song reflects on His life, His nature and the overwhelming discovery of His beauty his love for us even in our weakest state.



Straatligkinders once stated in an interview:

“Ons is nie ‘n “christian band” nie want christianity is NIE ‘n musiekstyl of ‘n genre nie, dis ‘n leefstyl. Ons is lief vir Jesus maar dit maak ons NIE beter as ander mense nie. Ons is nie perfek nie maar ons is vergewe. Ons probeer anders wees alhoewel ons soms dieselfde foute maak. Dis meer as musiek.”

Do you agree and how do you see “The New Name” fitting into the music industry?

Well said yes. For me the point of Christianity was never supposed to be about a religious group of people trying to prove that they are better than the rest of the world. Being a Christian is supposed to be about normal people with normal problems discovering a God of love and hope; not saying that I am perfect, but much rather that I am imperfect and as a result the point of Jesus becomes evident. It is supposed to be a message of hope. We just want to continue making music that is honest and hopefully people can relate. Again….it is a message of hope.

You guys have released a great video “Pour Out” which can be found on your website and Youtube. Can you tell us more about the though process behind this great video and the message it unveils?

The video was fun to make. We worked with Jannes de Villiers from Lensflare and we had a great time. For me personally; I remember missing the point of Christianity for many years. I grew up in the “church”-environment, yet somehow seemed to miss the point altogether. As a result I turned away from Christianity for many years. It was only when my eyes were opened to the reality of the “person” of Jesus that life started making sense. Not a religion, but a love relationship with Him. In this video we try to communicate this. All the characters in the video are “blind” to the reality of His love. Their eyes are opened eventually and they discover the His embrace.



A little birdie, well actually a tweet tells us you recently got married. Congratulations! The tweet also lets us in on some insight of a second album release? Can you tell us more and what are the plans in the near future for The New Name?

Thank you, yes I did get married end of 2012…. And yes there are plans of a second album in 2013. I have been working on many new songs and we plan to go into the studio as soon as possible


Overall, what do you hope listeners can get from the music you produce?

Again I hope people can relate with our struggles. We all have to deal with life. We hope people find hope and healing when they listen to the songs.


Where can we find you hanging out so we can catch a glimpse of you in action?

Well if you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or our website you will find all information regarding our shows. We have a couple of unplugged shows coming up soon.


With the internet and social media been so viral, where can we purchase your album online?

All information regarding the album can be found on our website  www.thenewname.co.za


Lastly, where can we keep up-to-date with your latest happenings on the internet?

Again all the links to our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation etc.) can be found on our website www.thenewname.co.za 



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