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Interview by : Ezelle Louw (@lupaphotography) 

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It’s almost that time of the year where all festival nomads flock together to experience the festival that is for anyone and everyone. Up the Creek takes place from 31st January to 3 February, gracing you with 3 beautiful stages which will be hosting top class acts like Crimson House Blues, Karen Zoid, Beast, Peachy Keen, Woodstock Mafia, Nomadic Orchestra, Ballistic Blues and loads more.If you are keen for some fun in the sun, complemented by incredible SA music, you better purchase your ticket!

The organisers of Up the Creek answer all our questions about what we need to know.


Up the Creek is for anyone and everyone, how do you ensure everyone gets a taste of what they like?

We ask a lot of different people to give of their honest opinions and we watch the scene very carefully, prepping almost 8 months prior to the festival!


What will you be bringing to Up the Creek this year that is different from previous years?

The biggest thing for music lovers this year is definitely the addition of music to Friday afternoon on the Rolling Stone stage. This is a first for Up The Creek and Rolling Stone, and Creekers will be able to see the likes of Dividable Grand, Crimson House Blues, Ballistic Blues and Long Time Citizen starting from 14:00 on Friday 1st February.


Top 10 things to bring to the festival?

#1 ticket

#2 tent

#3 swimming costume

#4 sun block

#5 cash

#6 your Anything That Floats entry

#7 ice (we do not sell this at the festival!)

#8 beach towel

#9 warm top

#10 sunglasses (but please don’t wear them at night)

#11 small torch

Anything that Floats 2

I have to say, one thing I like about Up the Creek is the fact that no acts overlap, you can literally watch everyone on the line up, no matter what stage. This is different to other festivals. Does this seem to work well for most people? Or do they complain because you have less acts ?

For the number of festival goers we have this set up works very well! And it keeps everyone together.


How was Up the Creek born?

It started out as a lekker party on the stoep. You can read the full story on the UTC website, click here! 


You are very active on your marketing campaign, especially with the car branded stickers. Who is your marketing team?

We are a team of three women: Anne Sowden (Up The Creek co-founder), Liny Kruger (Publicity), and Caitlin Hanley (Social Media). Armed with old and new ideas and individual minds we make the most of a small budget and try to spread the word as best we can.


Will we be able to buy tickets at the gate?

Yes, tickets will be sold at the gate. The prices will increase by R50.00 though.

Thurday-Sunday: R600 (online) R650 (gate)

Friday-Sunday: R550 (online) R600 (gate)

Saturday-Sunday: R450 (online) R500 (gate)


The selection of music must be a very tough job, who decides which bands get to perform on stage?

Anthony Bumstead from BlueMoon puts the line up together every year. He does a terrific job.


What features can we look forward to?

On Friday night we will be having an all woman line up – we call it our “Tribute to Women” – Beast, Karen Zoid, Tailor, Macineri and Saarkie will be performing. Also the Lilo Anything that Floats competition on Saturday morning is always a highlight. The river is filled with magnificant floating devices and everyone is in the water while bands are playing on the MK river stage right next to all the action.


Can we expect any wedding ceremonies this year around?

You’ll have to wait and see…


The 3 best things about UTC?

Come see and choose for yourselves!

Black Cat Bones 1

Black Cat Bones

Did you receive any complaints last year, that you would like to improve on this year?

Last year we ran a ticket special at the last minute and realised that this wasn’t fair to those Creekers who had bought their tickets at full price much earlier, so this year we are running none of these specials and ticket prices remain the same up until the festival.


Many festivals is now all for “go green”, do you have any “game plan” for UTC towards being kinder towards the enviroment?

We’ve joined forces with Greenpop this year, and they’ve in turn brought on board Trashback, Reliance and ProBio. Everyone will be working together to better manage the food waste, recyclable waste and general awareness of all Creekers about the waste they produce and the festival and how they get rid of it. One simple implementation is different colour bins in which different types of waste can be thrown, and Food Waste bins supplied by ProBio for every stall holder.

 Anything that floats 5

Any advice for first time Up the Creekers?

Go read all the posts on our blog, they’re written by Creekers for Creekers and will give you a great idea on what to expect! http://www.upthecreek.co.za/blog.html – in fact, our website is an excellent guide to all that you need to know: www.upthecreek.co.za

Oh and come up for the Thursday night, it’s well worth the extra R50 and always a special more intimate evening!


Where on the social networks can we stay updated with the latest UTC news?

We have daily updates on our Facebook page!

and our twitter is: @UpThe_Creek

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