Curious Music Discovery: Dorothy

We are excited to show you another instalment to Curious Music Discovery (CMD). After weeks of silence I want to introduce you to Dorothy, a brand new act finishing up their first album in partnership with Skull Candy!

With ballsy guitar riffs, bold drum patterns and whiskey-soaked vocals, Dorothy’s reviving the soulful era of rock & roll that calls for drunken late night partying and more than a few bad decisions that make for good stories. Think Kurt Cobain paired with Janis Joplin. Dorothy sounds like how youth feels…

There’s something about a sexy, dirty female vocalist that would make any man weak in the knees, thats if you’re man enough though… If not go press your sync button on the CDJs somewhere els pansy!

The grit and distortion of Dorothy reminds me of Royal Blood in some weird way and it gives me hope. Being a very new band it’s great to see Skull Candy support these guys and I salute Skull Candy for that, because we need more fucking love towards bands again.

Download their 5 Track EP free here!


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