Curious Music Discovery: The Bangups

Over the past week or two SA Music Scene has added a few new things to the site. As a music lover and having this curiosity for small-unknown artists out there, I will introduce you to Curious Music Discovery (CMD). Most of my iTunes consists out of music that I discovered through searching social media platforms and by following other international acts. So for the first act, I give you The Bangups. 

The Bangups by Josh Tyron

The Bangups by Josh Tyron

I discovered them by seeing their name as an opening act for one of my favourite bands on Instagram. A two man band with this dirty, blues and rock & roll sound that reminded me of the younger White Stripes. With Joey Dornbos on lead vocals and guitar and Brent French on drums, you are bound to tap feet when listening to Sunburnt Love. While preforming in this music video, Dornbos also has this quirkiness about him that made me think of Shane Durrant from Desmond and the Tutus.

Another great song called God’s Grace was directed by Josh Tyron.

To check out more about them on their social platforms:





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