ALBUM REVIEW: Chvrches – Every Open Eye

The Scottish trio Chvrches came in swinging with their debut album The Bones of What You Believe. Their synth-pop sound set them apart from other indie bands, as well as entering them into the mainstream pop circles without being too commercial.

Now, they are tasked with following up their first, very successful album, without the advantage of anonymity. In addition, this second album now competes with the likes of other 80’s revival female vocals like; Taylor Swift, Lorde and Icona Pop.

The first track on the album “Never Ending Circles” rushes in with promises of continuing their tradition in the form of electric sounds and volleying vocals. Although there is a distinct pop sound in frontwoman Lauren Mayberry’s voice, there is certainly nothing conventional about Chvrches layered rhythms.

Other male band members (Iain Cook and Martin Doherty) occasionally take over lead vocals, as on “High Enough to Carry You Over.” Their appearances are refreshing but still not strong enough to overtake Mayberry’s iconic sound.

The middle half of the album bursts into a more upbeat persona as ‘Clearest Blue’ launches into play with Lauren singing “Will you meet me more than halfway, yeah?!” in a new wave sound reminiscent of Eurythmics’ Annie Lennox.

Structurally their sound is a lot more unpredictable than other 80’s pop revivalists, still carrying their electric dance style without losing any emotional depth. Most of their tracks contrast internally between chorus and bridge but are still a lot cleaner and less jarring than other indie-alternative bands.

The album as whole is easy to listen to and in true 80’s style very danceable. Every Open Eye not only stays true to it’s nostalgic electro-pop roots but makes new ventures in the electro-pop genre. For fans of Chvrches’ first album, Mayberry will give you the same pleasures as the first.


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