Das Kapital, Free Trades EP review

By Adriaan van Staden

This EP contains a special element which highlights Das Kapital’s abilities as DJ. His signature drum patterns and percussions fuses into the sound we can expect from such a big weight as Das Kapital. Free Trades has the full potential to grow to a full length album, that I will run out to purchase.


  • Babylon ft Leechi – This track pulls the weight on this EP as my favourite. The collaboration works well between the two artists and generate a real unique sound. This electro house song will work well, given if the song is played at the right time and place.


  • BrainBang – Trap, a genre taking the world by storm, and one that does come naturally to Das Kapital. You might even mistake this for one of the songs he plays in his DJ sets. Most definitely won’t be surprised to hear this drop in the club and at outdoor festivals.



  • Affection ft Phizcist – Here is where the EP suprised me, I expected a lot more Trap and Electro.When I heard this more “future garage”  style I was somewhat taken by it. In the end, it showcased the talent of Das Kapital.  He is able to play and mix almost any genre and make it sound damn good.



Das Kapital by Mik Motola Photography

Das Kapital by Mik Motola Photography

Top notch work from Das Kapital, I can’t wait to hear these tunes live. Show this man some love and your support.

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