Death Panthers – Losers Drink Beer ( Kill City Session EP)

For two 18 year old kids, the Death Panthers, make a lot of noise in the South African Garage Punk scene. James Nevin (guitar) and Oliver Thomas (drums and vocals) started jamming in their bedroom when they were only 16 years old. They describe their sound as “garagey, noisy, surfy punk rock” and they succeed in creating this profoundly.

Their sound has improved incredibly in the new EP Losers Drink Beer. Los Panteros de la Muerde (Death Panthers in Spanish), their first released EP, was released in 2015. On the same day of recoding The Pit Album for Redbull Studios they managed to squeeze in three more tracks for this unpolished and bare-bone EP. Without The Pit’s First Thursday shows, these two kids say that they would not be a band. Their second EP, Pizza, is a five track EP recorded in their bedroom at the age of 16, with the help of David Gabriel Thorpe. Even though the album was recorded two years ago, it was only released, online, in February, earlier this year.

Finally, Losers Drink Beer, the seven track EP recorded live at Kill City Blues is definitely their best one yet. “Pizza”, “Mexico” and “Skateboard” were re-recorded and polished to sound more detailed and structured for the EP. It is a quick paced, nonsensical and noisy, drum smashing, guitar strumming scream fest. It is exactly what they are known for. The lyrics are not incredibly complex and are very repetitive, but catchy and fun to scream along to. Like a cactus pricking at your ears, Losers Drink Beer leaves you wondering if you love or hate it. Seriously, someone just give these guys some pizza!

They have grown up and so have their music. The little details added in their new EP make a huge difference while keeping their authenticity and DIY elements. In an interview with Red Bull Studios they said: “We were 16 when we started and had to lie about our age just to get booked.” They don’t take themselves too seriously and focus on having fun, which rubs off on their audience in live performances. I could imagine hair flipping and screaming along to the tracks “Psychedelic Brainwaves” or “Pizza”.


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