DJ inviZAble: Genre Is A Limitation

We caught up with the enigma that is DJ inviZAble ahead of his performance at OneSight Acoustics this weekend and spent a lot of time discussing his artistic brand.

Let’s cut to the chase, you are an enigma. I have scoured the web and there is almost nothing regarding DJ InviZAble in terms of interviews or even loose biographies. So, how did the persona of DJ InviZAble come into existence?

Through a driving passion to create music without preconception. The human condition requires definition to understand its observations, as an enigma, the unseen is exposed without the need for conformation, I consider this as the root of self-expression.

What inspired you to take on this kind of futuristic enigmatic earth warrior persona that seems to embody much of your communication on social media? Is there any particular meaning behind that an entire aspect of your artistic brand?

The existence of extra terrestrial and artificial intelligence is a widely discussed phenomenon and the basis of the concept behind the character. The opportunity to transcend the notion of human existence as the only known intelligent life in space, grapples with the very essence of humankind’s ability to understand its environment. Naturally, to translate these concepts, artistic freedom allows through creativity and license, the opportunity to present the unknown as a tangible force that affects the very energy humans have come to understand as life.

Let’s jump back to when it all began – when did you first realise that you had a talent to make music and what pushed you to continue making music and make somewhat of a career out of it?

The moment as a child when you discover your passion is a powerful experience. It all erupted in the act of signing. At an early age I was able to identify that music has the power to affect human emotion with a gravity that grounds a person’s soul. This is the force behind the motivation to pursue music as a life journey.

As an electronic music artist, you stand on the incredibly eclectic side of the genre spectrum. I remember the first time that I ever saw you perform live was sometime in 2014 at The Assembly and all my friends were complaining about how weird you sounded and was just standing there loving every minute of it. What inspired this fixation of what can ultimately be described as weird music and how have you managed to make it your identifiable brand in an EDM scene that craves drawn-out commercial trends?

Coming from a background with many influences, it seemed perfectly acceptable to find resonance between different musical styles. Genre can be considered as a limitation, especially when it comes to experimentation, which is by far one of the most creative and powerful forms of expression. To stand out as unique requires a bold step to define one’s identity with the possibility of rejection, which is part of the process of exploration.


What I have always like about your music is that there is a sense of minimalism to your sound even though it often fuses numerous genres – how do you manage to achieve that?

When one can define any form (THROUGH?) its basic structure it is possible to find simplicity in chaos. However, it is the anomaly that can give rise to new dimensions. It seems reasonable to consider that chaos cannot be defined without the inverse, if the two extremes can stay in balance then form can have many facets that make its construct unique.

Another obvious aspect of your music is your love for the keytar. It is an instrument that many consider belonging to the 80s yet it is a staple of your music production process. Why do you love using the keytar so much?

The keyboard is my favourite instrument, it was a revolution to have the ability to move around while playing an instrument that normally keeps you sitting in one position . When the Roland AX Synth was released I knew this was the instrument I had to play and it has become the extension of self.

Now, you are probably also incredibly well-known for being one-half of Gazelle – an electro-pop act that took South Africa by storm when it was around. Do you ever miss performing alongside Xander and is there any possibility of a reunion in the future?

I will always have fond memories of performing alongside Comrade Gazelle and our alliance remains strong. We are currently involved in our individual projects and look to the future when we will reunite again.

With Gazelle in mind, is there anything that you took from that experience that you now apply to your own personal career?

Certainly, yet it is hard to reflect on one’s journey without being subjective. One thing that I have learnt from my comrade is to perform without fear or prejudice, this has opened many doors that would not have been possible to step through without the support from one’s allies.

You also embody the notion of being the advisor of the Imperial House of Africa. With this Afrocentric notion of patriotism, what are your views on the current political and social situation in South Africa especially with regards to the recent State Capture report and the ongoing racial and social tensions created by the Fees Must Fall movement?

Politics is a human discourse over the distribution and abuse of power, something that has  no impact on the forces of the Sonarverse, where sound has the power to unite all life with the resonance of harmony. The people of South Africa and the world have the power to act through a unified voice. A voice that will always be stronger than the dissonance of mind controlling devices used by the likes of Admiral Anarchy.

Moving away from politics and into the last question – do you think South Africa could benefit from there being more weird and eclectic music in the music scene?

It is always positive to create change with the intention to improve one’s environment. In the realm of music, South African’s have so much to be thankful for in appreciating the wealth of creativity around them. It will be a great day when the people of this beautiful land can be proud of its talent without comparison to its global counterparts or recognition through external validation. When this time comes, South African music will shake the world to its very core with the rapture of unity.

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