Emma van Heyn – Pageant Queen

I met Emma van Heyn a few years ago when she was still a drama student in Stellenbosch and since day one I knew she’d be doing some big things with her brand, but I always wondered if South Africa had a big enough of an audience for this niche sound of hers.

Pageant Queen is her latest single and if you know her, her style sass and knowledge of drama is depicted perfectly through not only the track but music video too.

From the makeup artist to the pageant queen, Emma portrays eighteen characters in this body of imagery. Delving into three facets of persona – the groundwork, the ego, the vision – she executes the demeanor of a person that was built on false pretense. Her inner knowing bears a voice of the true “queen”, breaking her way to the foreground of the spectacle.

The track, although produced by Marius Brouwer, with a much more of a poppy sound compared to her previous work will probably also not see much radio play love on commercial radios like KFM, 5FM, etc. I feel Emma should hook up with some young South African producers like Max Hurrell, Hendrik Joerges, Chris Taylor or people alike, before going solo into the style/sound that she would clearly like to.

Producer: Emma van Heyn

Director: Stefan Benade

DOP: Jason Prins

Editor: Willem van den Heever

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