Emo Night Presents “From Under The Emo Tree” Featuring Dustland Express, Omar Morto and Young Hands

Photography courtesy of Aaron Polikoff. Artwork by Brett Allen-White.

2016 was a successful year for Emo Night South Africa. The brand appeared out of nowhere in early July and rapidly found a degree of success that many have to work for several years to obtain. Their successful DJ format was quickly altered to be inclusive of live bands and 17 February shall see Emo Night return to Mercury Live with their fourth event featuring indie-punks Young Hands, experimental rock outfit Dustland Express, and it shall mark a return of the Omar Morto to the decks for a special guest DJ slot.


The launch of the new event also marks the release of the first Emo Night Mixtape – a monthly mixtape that shall be released featuring songs from classic emo artists and other lesser known artists that were intrinsic to defining the emo genre. The mixtapes shall also feature bands that are currently shaping the modern emo and pop punk scenes. Volume One, which is named “From Under The Emo Tree” features music from Brand New, My Chemical Romance, +44, Man Overboard, Fall Out Boy, The Wonder Years, Taking Back Sunday, Paramore, A Day To Remember, American Hi-Fi, and nothing,nowhere.

Emo Night is a conceptually unique event. At its core is a desire to recapture the nostalgia that surrounded the mid-2000s emo subculture by playing all the music that was once, and still is, associated with the subculture. It is the kind of event that you can attend confident that you will know nearly all the songs playing because let’s face it – the mid-2000s were dominated by the music of the emo subculture. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing a Blink 182 chorus, the soaring rock opera of My Chemical Romance or a snarling Sum 41 guitar riff. You can step through the doors and enter an environment in which pop punk, alternative rock, metalcore and everything in-between is blaring while former and current emo kids lose their voices screaming each and every single lyric.

“From Under The Emo Tree” will see Dustland Express and Young Hands performing a plethora of covers alongside their original material. It is an apt event to kick-start the year and Emo Night’s ambition to bring the local punk and niche alternative scene to a much broader audience is palpable in this event. It marks the beginning of Emo Night’s yearlong plan to truly grow their brand and make a mark on the local music industry.


Line up: Dustland Express, Omar Morto, Young Hands and Emo Night DJs

Date: 17 February

Cover fee: R50

Location: Mercury Live, Cape Town

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1397514406934923/

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