Forefront Release Music Video For “Happiest In Water”

You may recall earlier this year that we introduced you to Forefront and their ready-for-the-summer indie-pop single “Happiest In Water” – a shimmering, jangling and upbeat piece of indie-pop joy. They have now released a music video that captures the song in all its indie-pop glory.

The video was captured and conceptualised by Brett Rayner, who was involved in every aspect of making this music video a reality. The video was filmed along the stunning coastline of Gordon’s Bay and is based around the idea of a road-trip. It features stunning coastal backdrops, good times with your closest friends, and everyone’s favourite: a performance on the beach. It is a video that captures the carefree and happy nature of “Happiest In Water”.

Forefront are rapidly gaining popularity after opening for the likes of The Plastics, Nomadic Orchestra and John Wizards – their latest single “Happiest In Water” is bound to propel them into success especially with such a brilliant music video.


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