Get Ready for Rock the River. CTMS Interview: Geheime Skaduwee

Dee Theart (@deetheart)

4 lukrake mense van verskillende wêrelde,maar saam vorm hulle Geheime Skaduwee!Die close friendship in die band is die resep agter die sukses en die fans kan groot goed verwag,’n nuwe era het begin en ons sê God dank vir klank. Baie het al verander,maar dis n proses waaardeur alle bands maar gaan, die 2 stigters van die band is vincent en alex, kort daarna het jaco ingeval in 2011 en in Mei 2012 het heinrich ingetree as die nuwe drummer….groot goed word verwag van die 4 manne……hou dop!

Geheime Skaduwee, by Henri Olivier

Who are you as band most looking forward to see perform live at Rock The River?

Van Coke Kartel


What can people expect from your performance at Rock The River?

A hard rocking, energetic performance with good original music.


What have been the best thing a fan / critic has said to you this year?

Battle of the bands judge: “Geheime Skaduwee looks very good on stage, over all they are good to watch. Your style of music has great audience appeal, don’t change that at

Do you guys have any cures and / or remedies for those pre-show jitters?


Name three can’t-do-without items you always pack for a festival.

Sunscreen, spare strings, drums sticks and lots of booze.


Tell us about one of your most epic festival experiences?

This will be the bands first festival we play, but watching at a festival it must be watching In Flames at Ramfest 2012.


Looking back at 2012, what was your highlight of the year as artist?

The changes with the new drummer and just growing as a band and getting announced for Rock The River.


Now that 2012 is drawing to a close, what can fans expect from you in the New Year? Any big plans?

Recording our first EP and a music video or two in the near future.

Geheime Skaduwee, by Henri Olivier

Playing a festival like Rock the River must be exciting, but also daunting at the same time. What’s the process like of prepping for a festival like this?

Making sure all the songs are perfect and we know what has to happen as soon as we get on stage, so basically practice practice practice.


Give us one of your short term and one long term goal for 2013.

Short term goal would be the EP and first music video and then long term is to book as many possible shows and maybe a tour or two for 2013 and then to play more festivals.


Who will be standing next to you for the NYE countdown?

The band if we can still find each other.


Being part of the Afrikaans punk rock scene – do you think this genre is alive and kicking at the moment or lacking in talent?

There are a few bands going around but it’s not where it can be and that’s what we want to change, being Afrikaans limits your fan base so hard work is in order.


Did you guys know there is a book called ‘Geheime Skaduwee’ written by Ena Zinn Joubert (first print was in 1958)? Any relation to the book and your choice of band name?

Wait what? No…We have read about the book on google before but there is no relation, the band name came from our title song ‘Geheime Skaduwee’ and we decided we would like that to be our band name.


Who is the typical Geheime Skaduwee fan?

A never say die rock fan that enjoys a good time.

Geheime Skaduwee, by Henri Olivier

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