Get Ready For Rock The River. CTMS interviews: Half Price

Katherine Brookes @KathValenti

Half Price is a Cape Town based punk rock band.
For the last 10 years, Emo Mawk, Kyle the Machine, The Corporate Homo and the DFG have been terrorising the South African music scene and spreading their crazy party music across the ocean on two and a half Europe tours. More often than not, Half Price is criticized about their liberal views. The fundamental band philosophy can be summarised as: Em

brace your vulgarity! Be filthy but intelligent! The general feeling behind this is that people in this day and age are scared of not being entirely politically correct and are compromising themselves as free thinking individuals. Half Price on the other hand are proud of being 90% politically incorrect and 10% politically incompetent.

Half Price by Vetman design and photography

Who are you as a band most looking forward to see perform live at Rock The River?

We are supporting upcoming bands Bulletscript and Grassy Spark.


What can people expect from your performance at Rock The River?

Remember the tighty whitey army at RTR in 2010? The giant cock party at RTR in 2011? Watch out, we promise you that this year will be just as spectacular!


What has been the best thing a fan/critic has said to you this year?

This year fans called us the most professional band in Cape Town and critics called us the most unprofessional band in Cape Town. We think both statements are true and are flattered by these comments; after all, we are both 90% politically incompetent and 10% politically incorrect.


Do you guys have any cures and/or remedies for those pre-show jitters?

Magical Lube – You can always count on it.


Name three can’t-do-without items you always pack for a festival.

Magical Lube, beer and cigarettes (and condoms)


Tell us about one of your most epic festival experiences?

It probably was the time we all sneaked into a major South African festival without paying (don’t wanna mention the name as we would hate for them to tighten their security). Well, we got so loaded I vaguely remember a scene where Emo Mawk and the DFG were in the river totally naked chasing down some ‘fans’ butt naked. They were doing the Helicopter with their ding dongs… the rest was a fantastic drunken blur 🙂 Saturday afternoons at festivals are epic.


Looking back at 2012, what was your highlight of the year as an artist?

Our 11th birthday party at the Brass Bell was spectacular! Half Price and 19 featured artists on one stage.

Half Price by Michael Ellis

Now that 2012 is drawing to a close, what can fans expect from you in the New Year? Any big plans?

Next year will be a very good year for Half Price. We have been sponsored by Monster energy drinks (great mix with Magical Lube by the way). We are planning on going back to the studio to record an EP, we also have a few SA tours planned, and we are thinking about going back to Namibia and Europe…. also there is Rock The River 2013!


Playing a festival like Rock The River must be exciting, but also daunting at the same time. What’s the process like for preparing for a festival like this?

Practice then pack Magical Lube, beer and cigarettes (and condoms)


Give us one short-term and one long-term goal for 2013

Bring the total number of chicks I have had sex with to over 100.


Who will be standing next to you for the NYE countdown?

Number 83 or 84. Perhaps even both if I am extremely lucky


You guys are known for your crazy antics on stage and awesome live shows. What are your “normal” days like?

They are just as crazy; we write documents and do ama-zing presentations. Of course we do this while we think about drinking all day and fantasize about fun and fornication.


We’ve had so many international acts visit S.A. If you could open for any international act, who would it be?

Abba is the Homo’s favourite and Boney M is Kyle’s. They would be super stoked to open for them. …do you know if they are still around? I heard a rumour that they were on the extended shortlist for Ramfest

Half Price by Michael Ellis

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