Get To Know Academie Before GLB Birthday!

Photo by Bernard Brand

We got to chat to Jean-Louise from Academie before the hit the stage at The Good Luck Bar’s 2nd Birthday Bash.  These guys are not to be missed on the evening, as they will take you on a magical trip during their amazing musical set.

Since you guys have started, people watch you and become fans basically.  What makes your music so special?
Ha! I guess people who watch our show will have to answer that question. We try to keep our set honest and I think people respond to that.
You guys have recently played a lot of shows, please tell us about your gig in Berlin?
Our gig in Berlin was magical. It was small and intimate. German audiences go out and watch bands all the time and nobody says a word during the set. It can be quite intimidating if you are not used to that, but our audience was lovely and warm. My favourite part of the night was biking home after the gig in the early morning hours through deserted streets – that’s not really something we experience as South Africans!

Academie – photo by Bernard Brand

How was it working with Dear Reader?
I toured Europe extensively playing for Dear Reader from 2009 – 2012, and have also done quite a bit shows with her in SA. We have a very good working relationship, and it was lovely to play with her again.
What was a highlight of 2017 so far?
 Apart from the Berlin gig, I loved our show in Cape Town. People often don’t know what to expect when they come to our show, and it’s really satisfying to see people being won over!
Please tell us what you have planned for OppiKoppi?
Yoh. We are pulling out all the stops. People that saw our set last year will be happy know that we will have some friends joining us on stage again this year 😉
We are very excited to see you at The Good Luck Bar’s 2nd Birthday.  Which band are you excited to see live?
I am very excited to see Mango Groove live! When I was a toddler, my parents went to an open air picnic concert to see Mango Groove. I fell asleep with a piece of chocolate in my hand before they started playing, and woke up after they’d finished, melted chocolate everywhere. I was so very bummed. I’m not quite sure whether it was because of the wasted dessert or because of missing the band, but I’ll finally get to see them perform at GLB’s 2nd Birthday!
Your EP “Volumes” has been out for some time now, what’s next for Academie?
We have been working on new music. We’ll be taking some time off from playing after Oppikoppi to work our first full length album.

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