Get To Know Albert Frost Before Mieliepop Festival 2016

Photo by Riehan Bakkes

Let’s get to know Albert Frost, who’s been going to festivals since he was still a kid, basically before we get to see him live at Mieliepop Fest:

You aren’t new to playing festivals – out of all festivals in SA, which is your favourite to play and why?
Oppikoppi has always been one of my favorites as I have played there every year since inception. It’s the one fest that offers the widest range of music in one go, from jazz to black metal, it’s all there.

What do you think adds in making a festival successful with different ones popping up all the time all over the country – even one-day-festivals?
Location is the biggest drawing card these days as you can see most artists at most festivals. Smaller festivals are popping up everywhere which is great, they all offer something slightly different and that is key.

You play with different musicians around the country all the time – please share some of your favourite co-labs and shows with us:
The Toya Delazy and Lee Thompson colab was one of the coolest colabs I’ve done in a while, not to mention the Blood Brothers, what an experience! On a more roots level I’ve been doing some shows with Robin Auld, one of my biggest influences.


Albert Frost - photo by Riehan Bakkes

Albert Frost – photo by Riehan Bakkes


EP’s have become way more popular these days vs CDs – do you think it’s the digital age and how are you releasing music to the masses?
Definitely, people can immediately access anything and everything. The trick then, I suppose, is to make albums full of singles – haha!

Looking at the Mieliepop line-up, who are you looking forward to see live (and why?)
It’s one hell of a line up! I’m going to catch as much as I can…

Mieliepop is under new management this year – and are also now seen as a ‘lifestyle’ festival – will you be doing anything else on offer at the festival – like joining the yoga?
If someone sees me doing yoga could they kindly lead me to the medic tent… I’m there for the music!


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