Get To Know Albert Frost Before Park Acoustics

Interview by Janus de Villiers (@hallojanus)

Photo provided by Albert Frost

Albert Frost isn’t a new name on the scene.  He’s also known for his amazing performances at Park Acoustics.  Don’t miss him this Sunday just past 2pm.

How much has the South African music scene changed in the two decades that you’ve been performing?
The scene has changed immensely. Back in the 90’s there were only a handful of acts whereas these days there are literally hundreds. I absolutely love it, everything has improved-songs, acts, musicians, festivals and sound have added to our unique SA sound.

Do you think rock music is as prominent and important as was in past decades? Surely rock isn’t as mainstream as it was just ten years ago?
Absolutely, rock is as prevalent as ever. As for mainstream, I’m not so sure it ever was! Rock as a genre has now fused with pop, jazz, metal and hip hop so it sneaks in everywhere…

You’ve recorded with some of South Africa’s biggest acts including Koos Kombuis, Arno Carstens, Chris Chameleon etc. Which local rock star is your favourite to work with?
Anton Goosen, the original fucking rock star.

The Blues Broers have been an important part of your life for many years. Do you miss the act?
I miss some of it, it’s not even been a year since I left so the separation is still fresh.




You’ve worked on crossover classical music productions before. Are you a big fan of classical music? Which composers and/or instruments are your favourite?
Yes. I love classical piano pieces a lot like Debussy. I grew up with Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana and Beethoven in the house. I like the dark stuff as well like Rachmaninov and Mussorgsky.

You released your album ‘The Wake Up’ earlier his year. Have you already started writing and working on new music?
Yes, I am constantly putting down new ideas, planning to go into studio again mid 2017.

What are your thoughts ahead of playing at this month’s Park Acoustics? What are you most looking forward to regarding the gig?
I find the Park Acoustics shows invigorating, people are there for the music and I love that. Stoked to be playing the new stuff with my band and also joining Koos Kombuis for his set, always so much fun.

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