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Interview by Roy Bouwer (@Roy_booy)

Photo by Jesse Pears

We got to chat to BEAST bassist, Louis Nel about Park Acoustics, their new album Bardo and about the same but different BEAST.  Be sure to check them out this Sunday at Park Acoustics at 1pm sharp.  They have an acoustic and not-so-acoustic set ready for you.

Beast is one of South Africa’s few great supergroups, but how did everyone from bands with quite different styles come together to form Beast?
It started as an experiment. Rian and I wanted to learn how to play bass, but then wondered how a band with two bass guitars will sound like. We started experimenting with tones and writing some stuff in our basement, and then invited Sasha Righini for a jam session. Everything started to sound really cool, so we took a chance and invited Inge for a jam sessions as well. That’s how it all came together.

Is it difficult to focus on this project when everyone has already achieved success in their respective fields and how do you manage playing for different bands?
Shared calendars and really good time management! It’s not that difficult if everything is carefully planned well in advance.

Obviously creating a new sound without any guitars is a difficult feat, were there/ are there any considerations to add any guitars?
Not really. We worked out the tones of the two basses to be very different from each other. The goal was always to find a female vocalist, as that frequency had to be filled in the sound.

Beast’s lyrics are quite dark who writes the lyrics and what’s the intention behind them?
Inge writes the lyrics.

The Gauteng shows at the end of March will also act as the launch for your new album, Bardo, what can fans expect from your new material?
It’s the same BEAST, but different.

The Bardo album was a crowd funded album, how was your experience with crowd funding?
Good and bad. We fell short of our target, but luckily we were approached by a private investor who helped us out tremendously. In the end, the crowdfunding thing was very telling. I’m not sure if the general SA music fan is ready for it yet. But we most certainly learned exactly who our biggest and most loyal fans are.

Park Acoustics this month is going Rock n Roll which might be bit different for the dedicated picnickers bitching about their blankets, has the band ever felt pressure to turn down the intensity of your performance and how do you respond to this pressure?
We’ve never been pressurised to turn down the intensity. We can though. We have an awesome acoustic set that we’re very proud of.

What can we expect for Park Acoustics, full intensity beast or can we expect some more acoustic material?
It depends on what the crowd wants. We’ll be prepared for both versions.

What’s next for Beast, any big plans for the rest of the year?
We’re booked until Splashy Fen. After that, we’ll probably take a little break. Not sure yet.


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