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Interview by Vicky Jankiewicz (@Vicky_JKWICZ)

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On Saturday 11 June, Capital Craft Beer Festival, the premium beer festival for the country’s Capital City, will bring together beer drinkers, foodies and music lovers.  To end the party off the right way, Bobbejaan DJ’s will be on the Forest Stage from 16:30 playing sweet tjoons.  We wanted to know more about these boons, so we put together some questions:

Right, 1st things first – why Bobbejaan and please tell us more about you?
Why Bobbejaan? Why not? You know, we’re social creatures, traveling in troops we boons build DIY things, mostly music things, involving loud drums, broken guitars, beer and cigarettes. In centuries past we’ve been known by many names – different names all over the world, but now we’re here; in Pretoria (for now) kickin’ and screaming. Making the jungle grow is important to us, and the rest of our growing troop. We’re always traveling to new trees to gather their sweet fruits and tunes. Born out of pure lust, angst, energy and enthusiasm we’re coming to a town near you.

Since you started in the Pretoria Jungle, how has it changed / improved?
I think it’s changed a lot. There are more shows, more frequently and artists are generally more active, especially in Pretoria. Maybe that’s a tad unfair to say as most of the said musicians have been around and performing for a very long time; but it certainly feels like the performance art scene has a lot more buzz now than it was when we started off. All our friends are all over the media with their bands, paintings, pop up restaurants, fashion labels or DJ nights…everyone is doing something…and that’s the kind of energy we’ve been trying to inspire from the start.

Two years ago we were throwing empty whiskey bottles at the passing Friday night trains for some entertainment, and although we still do that, now we’re punching each other in the teeth trying to figure out which show to attend. Which is great! (Not for our teeth but yeah).  Sure it’s clear we still have a long way to go, but it’s getting there.

Best stand out shows that can be compared to ‘beastly parties’ with you guys ‘swinging on chandeliers like the apes you are’?
Oooooh. They’ve all been pretty juicy and beastly to be honest, and every beast is a babe. We’ve managed to keep a couple of chandeliers intact, but the standout ones have really been the Bobbejaan street theatre at the November Park Acoustics last year. There were broken legs and hearts and a lot of steamy making out. The Red Right Hand shows have also been absolutely mind blowing, busting the Pretoria CBD a new one. Besides all that, our set at Mieliepop Festical earlier this year was also incredible. We were only supposed to play till 2am but ended up playing till 5am watching the sun come up.  That was wild! Baie dankie Henk!


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What do you have planned for Capital Craft this year?
The first rule with us at a Bobbejaan DJ set is that we’re not allowed to plan. Otherwise it’s boring, false and just a regurgitation of all that came before. So no set lists; ever. No exception.

We obviously plan for our shows but every show is different in the manner that we interact with the crowd, and how they interact with us, so the music we play depends on the energy bouncing around. So essentially the crowd dictates what we play. So you’re the DJ…not me.

But if you really want specifics, expect everything from 60’s funk to contemporary psych. If it’s gonna make you shake your buns we’ll be jamming it!

What craft beer will you be enjoying the most?
We check there is a company called Riot Brewing Company, We like riots, destruction and anarchy here at Bobbejaan. Four of those please. Seriously that’s a cool name for a beer company though.

What else is in store for Bobbejaan this year?
Well, we’re launching our record label, opening a brand spankin’ new live music venue. We’ve got some great bands coming over from Berlin in October, and then there’s a very special special treat we have in the pipeline for you… but more about that later.


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