Get To Know Cape Brewing Co. before Capital Craft

It’s almost time to taste all the beers and right up on our list it’s Cape Brewing Co. We chatted to them before Capital Craft Beer Festival to check out what they are all about:

What do we all have to look forward to from Cape Brewing Co. at Capital Craft Beer Fest? The same great beer that made us the household name amongst beer drinkers in South Africa and some new flavoured Weiss beers as well as our world famous Imperial IPA The Cape of Good Hops

You guys now make flavoured craft beer, including Peach and Raspberry Krystal Weiss. What was the inspiration behind it and how did you choose the specific flavours? Are you also looking to expand the range? Two original syrups flavours used in Berliner Weiss are Raspberry and Peach and there are no plans to add further blends . Please keep in mind that it is not a Berliner Weiss! It is our award winning Krystal Weiss with only 3 % of Berliner Weiss Syrup and was developed for the growing Beer mix drink market.



Please describe the types of beer you will have on offer – and match it with a type of person that will enjoy it:
Pilsner – Any serious beer drinker who likes the crisp, refreshing taste of perfectly crafted hoppy beer.
Amber Weiss – For those who like something more spritzy, unfiltered, less bitter and full of thirst quenching flavour of fruity esters from the yeast.
Cape of Good Hops Imperial IPA – For the hop heads who aren’t afraid of the higher ABV, Platin medal winner Meininger Craft Beer Competition 2016.
Raspberry Krystal Weiss – For those looking for something different, something fruity and slightly sour and sweet.
Peach Krystal Weiss – For those looking for something fruity, full flavour sour and sweet.

If you could match your beer with one of the artists/acts at Capital Craft Beer Fest, who and why would you pick? There are so many great bands playing that it is quite difficult to choose between them. I think I would perhaps go with Shortstraw, as they are a young, vibrant band but possess a maturity about them that demands they be taken seriously as an outfit, without having to take themselves too seriously.

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