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Interview by Jonathan Tager (@jonoCreates)

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There are some artists who let the music do the talking for them and then there are some who can back-up anything they do with their unequivocal scythe-talking. We take tips from Das Kapital before GRIETFEST, where he shares some secrets with us:

On twitter you’re no-no-no-notorious for calling out poppies, psy-trance zealots and bad-thinkers from all rotted boardwalks of life. Do you think if people are getting something wrong? Should we as co-people call them out?

Now more than ever, the western world thrives on instant gratification and constant affirmation. People are choosing to buy into stereotypes all the way down from their actions and personalities to their mannerisms and speech, in order to be accepted by the rest of the horde, as it were.

I call out things that I find blatantly ridiculous, and the agreement is there. I think people need to take themselves a little less seriously and understand that life is more fluid than picking a pre-defined idea of who youn are as a person off your friends, a TV show or the internet.

An awesome thing that you do (also on Twitter) is ask for BPM recommendations for remixes you’d be thinking of doing. Are people starting to know what it is they want to hear?

Dance music is at a popularity we haven’t seen since the late 90s / early 00s, so more people are aware of what’s going on.

That said, if I were to ask what genre I should make ALL THE TIME, I could tell you the responses would mostly be “Deep House”, “Dubstep”, “EDM” or “Drum & Bass” – people know a particular sound within genres due to them being popular, so my definition or execution of a genre will probably be entirely different to what the populous would ask for.

But that’s the “art” part of writing music, I guess. My interpretation of a sound comes from my understanding of it, not anyone else’s.

Are you still playing as many live shows as you can now that you have people wanting you from all over the place?

Of course. I love DJing, a lot a lot a lot. I guess now I just have the opportunity to play more KINDS of sets than I used to. As the crowd grows more diverse, so too can my music selection be more experimental, and I love that idea.

Tell us all about your guest slot on 5FM?

I do a guest feature every week on DJ Warras’ The Fifth Element on 5FM, called In Das We Trust. We’re going into the 15th week as I’m writing this, and it’s going really well.

In Das We Trust is basically treating 5FM as a platform to push unreleased and forthcoming dance music ahead of the time, to give the listeners and insight into what’s going on in the club scene, as well as giving first plays of tracks that are going to be dominating radio play in the coming months.

Shows and features like mine exist all around the world, and I figured it was time for South Africa to have its own.

It’s about having a little bit of intuition, and a lot of fun. You can lock in to 5FM every Thursday from 20:30 – 21:15 (GMT +2) to get a taste of what’s new and what’s next.


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You do a lot to big-up for other young people trying to push into the scenes. Big-up to you, sir. How long did it take you to transition from being a ‘ho to a wife’ which is to say becoming established?

A “ho to a wife”… Yoeh wow okay I’ll let that one slide haha J

I don’t really know how to measure transitions in my own career, because I dived headlong into being “professional” from when I was 19. I guess, it’s really down to how long it took people started acknowledging what I was doing on a greater scale.

Being tenacious and driven, with a team of people around me that share my vision, has meant that I am capable of doing more and more within my career. Long may that continue.

Do you feel like there is an unapologetic movement and display by the young people to hold sway in the creative arts and media at the moment? Which is to say, things are becoming more youth-oriented with little restraint, and Is that good or bad?

I think more and more young people are chasing their passions, which is great to see.

On a business tip, the 16-25 age group is the biggest and arguably most important market to reach, so yeah, companies are THROWING money at winning them over.

I believe that dedication and practise are important, but there also needs to be a talent inherent in what you do. If you are young, and are aspring to be something, you need to work hard and practise all the time in order to become good enough at it to stand out. Simply wanting something isn’t going to make opportunity appear. You have to go out and work at it, and be good at it.

Being young is neither a stumbling block nor a bonus point. At the end of the day, your output should do the talking for you.

Is it true that you can’t ride a bike and is it in fact a skill needed?


Okay. So I was learning to ride a bike when I was younger, right? I was down to one training wheel, whizzing up and down my family’s driveway, when I said “I don’t actually care”, put the bike down, and left it.

No, I cannot ride a bike. But ultimately, if I wanted to learn, I would. I’ve made it this far without bikes, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be needing one in the near future.

What other sweet skills do you have?

My brain is a sponge. I have an encyclopedic knowledge, and I’m pretty quick on the draw. I’d like to think my mind is my best asset.

Have you been to Grietfest before as an artist or civilian?

This is my 3rd consecutive year playing Grietfest as an artist, and I couldn’t be more excited to headline my floor with Liver and Grimehouse.

Where can the people check you next?

Keep an eye online for my gigs, otherwise keep up with the music on the Das Kapital Radio Show from 21:00 – 23:00 every Wednesday on Assembly Radio and In Das We Trust from 20:30 – 21:15 every Thursday on 5FM.

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