Get To Know Desmond And The Tutus Before Park Acoustics

We spoke to Desmond and the Tutus before they hit the stage and make us all dance and sing along on Sunday at Park Acoustics:

Although you guys have been in the scene for a while, you still play regular shows and pull big crowds.  How do you think you guys keep on staying relevant?
I think we’ve always just done whatever we wanted to do, we genuinely like and are proud of the songs we release and we love playing shows a whole lot and I think respond to that.

Your music videos are always awesome – who comes up with the concepts and how do you go to work on them?
Each video is a different process. For the most part we just come up with a weird idea and take it to someone who can make sense of it and figure out the best way possible to shoot it!


Desmond and the Tutus – photo by Hanro Havenga


When can we expect something new from you guys?
We are working on new stuff now as we speak, there is no timeline for the release but people must keep a look out!

This won’t be your first Park Acoustics – what is the best thing about playing at Fort Schanskop?
We love seeing a dancing Zacchaeus in the Sycamore tree in the middle there.


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