Get To Know Early Hours Before Park Acoustics

Remember to check out Early Hours on the Park Acoustics stage this Sunday, at 14:15.  We spoke to them and what they have been up to before the show:

Guys, what has been happening since Get Out Of The Garage in 2014?
It’s been a whirlwind! We became the first South African band to hit a million streams on SoundCloud, released our debut EP, signed a management deal, performed in Canada, opened for the Lumineers and played a bunch of incredible shows around South Africa alongside some really amazing local artists including Jeremy Loops, Shortstraw, Grassy Spark and more.

You are currently on a Winter Tour between Cape Town and Jozi – what has been your best show so far and why?
For this tour we wanted every show to be fresh and different. We’re playing on the waves in Jeffrey’s bay, the rooftops in Cape Town, the Voortrekker fort in Pretoria… it’s just impossible to choose. Every show is a little better than the last.

What have you learned from working with Internationally acclaimed producers on your EP?
They just push us to work harder, faster, more creatively… their work ethic is on another level.

It’s quite strange, but working with producers from overseas has given us a newfound appreciation for our South African roots. We have such a remarkable musical heritage here that defines the way we hear and feel the music. When we collaborate with our producers it’s like we’re speaking two different languages that intertwine to form something fresh and new.

What’s next after the tour?
There’s new music coming at you very soon. We’ve spent some time digging deeper into our sound and lyrics, and the new tracks have got something special that I think people will really like. In November we’re returning for another tour in North America. We’ll be back just in time for South African summer tour up the coast.

How many times have you been at Park Acoustics?
Second time is the charm! You can check out what happened at our first Park Acoustics over here:

What are you expecting from Park Acoustics this Sunday?
Sunshine, singing and dancing. Pretoria are by far the friendliest folk in the country, and they know how to get down!

Who on the line-up are you excited to see live?
I think Die Heuwels Fantasties have to win this one, since they’re the only band on the lineup we have never seen before. They’re South African rock icons, so it’s about time!


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