Get To Know Grassy Spark Before Mieliepop Festival 2016

We chatted to Grassy Spark before Mieliepop Festival and what we only can imagine will be a rad performance at the festival:

You guys bring an absolute vibe to any stage, and I think it has to do with your amazing music, but also all the group members in your band – how do you guys manage it?
7 members, means 7 different energies, and beside the diversity in instruments and vocal sound which create the context and the feel for every performance, it is the 7 different personalities which are an expression of the music and band itself. In short we are strong believers in enjoying the music one writes, and communicating that to the audience through the Live performance – its that constant flow of energy between one another, as well as the crowd that releases that vibe you’re referring to, its not just something that the crowd or listener exclusively feels; we feel too, every bit of emotion during every moment on stage.

Although you guys are still ‘newish’ to the industry, you have played some amazing shows and stages – please share your favourite shows/festivals with us:
Our top 3 Festivals in no particular order:

-Rocking the Daisies; that 2 o clock sweltering heat set had everyone jolling like they were at a Loony bin matinee, the crowd was willing to let completely loose, and the energy was burning (not just temperature wise).
– Vodacom in the City; after working our asses off to win this we couldnt have experienced a more beautiful day opening for and meeting our heroes The Cat Empire. The cherry on top was jolling to The Cat Empire twice, as well as the Milky Chance and Kooks dudes. It was awesome meeting all of these incredible artists, who were the friendliest of people!
-Kirstenbosch NYE 2016; this was the blowing of our minds in the making- playing to a sold out Kirstenbosch crowd on NYE made our year; to have 6000 odd people getting so down to your music is extremely surreal and humbling. We were super nervous to say the least as we had to perform for 1hr30min for the first time after a 5 day tour with our homies Shortstraw; but the adrenalin and rehearsal pulled through and we had an incredible experience! Huge shoutout to Kirstenbosch and Jeremy Loops for the awesome evening.

Which event or festival is on your ‘hitlist’ for 2016/17?
Vic Falls Carnival
Rocking the Daisies
Synergy Live
Flamjangled Tea Party

(Every festival we can get booked for is on our hitlist pretty much haha)


Grassy Spark

Grassy Spark


Coming back to the fact that you guys are such a BIG group, how do you deal with bookings and tours – and what do you do if someone isn’t available?
When it comes to booking a tour with such a big band, we have to budget and see whether or not our performance fees on the tour can do going on the tour justice; it all comes down to the best possible business decision basically, although sometimes we have to make an exception and minimise losses as much as possible.

Looking at the Mieliepop line-up, who are you looking forward to see live?
Every Local artist we can catch while we’re there basically; we have some insane talent in SA that need the support of both musos and the music listeners; we as a SA music culture spend far too much time freaking out over pop songs about girls asses, popping bottles, bling, fancy cars and twerking, as well as having far too much emotion invested in doof doof nonsense EDM; Live music is real and tangible and at the fingertips of the SA population, it needs to be loved and supported with the utmost pride.

Mieliepop is under new management this year – and are also now seen as a ‘lifestyle’ festival – will you be doing anything else on offer at the festival – like joining the yoga?
If we can make it in time for the Yoga we’re definitely into releasing our energy out of our Chakras and stuff; we all about being spiritual, and also being flexible is essential for prime time dance moves!


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