Get To Know Guy Buttery Before Park Acoustics

Interview by Dee Theart (@deetheart)

Photos by Julia Pinheiro Franco

He’s been there before and he is excited to be back. Yes, you’ve guessed it: Guy Buttery will be gracing the Park Acoustics stage on Sunday, 3 Apri at 13:00. He won’t come empty handed though. Tunes from his brand-new album will be heard (and of course you’ll be able to purchase the album as well). Let’s have a chat to this talented, humble bloke.

Congratulations with the new record, Guy! How has the reaction been so far?
Thank you kindly. I’ve been very chuffed with the response for the new tunes so far. It was a long time coming and I’m glad it’s finally out there in the ether. The US has also been very kind about the new release so far and I’ve had a bunch of radio play that side which is totally unusual for my hippy guitar “kak”. My tunes and radio are normally not such big buddies.

How much would you say this 6th album of yours differ from your previous offerings?
I’d say this record is a serious departure from my 5 previous solo albums. So much so that the album is self-titled, which is historically reserved for one’s debut release. My intention for that was to suggest that this record serves as some kind of a fresh beginning.

Tell us about your personal most exciting aspect of making this album?
The album was recorded over a 2 year period so there is many a tale to tell. What I remember first and foremost was that the album was made with good friends and the energy at all of the sessions was filled with a “kak” ton of merriment.


Guy Buttery - Photo by Julia Pinheiro Franco

Guy Buttery – Photo by Julia Pinheiro Franco


You worked with some pretty epic people on this album – from Vusi Mahlasela to Dan Patlansky to Nibs van der Spuy – why the decision to collaborate with these particular folks?
A lot of the pieces of music were written with specific people in mind, some of whom you’ve mentioned above. My choice to work with these fine folk was largely based on my respect for their own individual musical trails. All of the collaborators are good friends and people I admire a lot. I was very honoured that they all agreed to offer up their musical contributions towards the tunes.

You’ve been in the industry for quite some time. Is there anything you wish you could have done differently?
I’d say one of the biggest problems the SA music scene faces is little or no management at all. There’s a hell of a lot that goes into planning the 101 things that need to be done to plot this jol. Finding a devoted manager earlier on may have allowed me to cover a bit more ground, however there is only so much a longhair can do.

We can’t wait to see you play at Park Acoustics, but what other exciting things lie ahead for you for the rest of this year?
I have a pretty interesting bunch of projects coming up this year, including a performance with the KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as a run of shows with a string.


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