Get To Know Hazeldean Brewing Co. before Capital Craft

Last year, Hazeldean Brewing Company was awarded the best newcomer brewery at the 2016 Capital Craft beer festival competing with six newcomer breweries in this category. So if there is one beer you have to try this year, it must be them:

Tell us about the history of Hazeldean Brewing Company?
Although Hazeldean Brewing Co. has been brewing beer for over 5 years, the commercial entity was launched in October 2015 at the opening of the popular Cowhouse Market.  A storage and distribution facility was erected on Hazeldean Farm in 2015 with capacity to store up to 9 000 L of craft beer.  The brewery, also located on the Hazeldean farm, is currently under construction.  We are a small business building on the heritage that surrounds Hazeldean Valley to propel us into the future, while embracing the values that the Hazeldean Farm was founded on.  Our mission is to focus on local and craft and incorporating these into our business and our beers, in the process creating beers that are distinctly unique and of superior quality. Our flagship beer, Vienna Lager, received a top 15 spot in the 2015 SAB Craft Beer Championships; a mere 1 month after opening our doors to public trading.  The success of our Lager was closely followed in 2016 by our Premium Pale Pilsner being awarded the best in show beer at the popular SA on Tap craft beer festival where 30 breweries attend and compete for this accolade.

What do we all have to look forward to from Hazeldean at Capital Craft Beer Fest?
Along with our normal beer line-up we will also be showcasing a very special beer brewed in conjunction with Frontier Beer Co. We don’t want to give out too many details just yet, but this beer should not be missed! It is BIG and BOLD. We will be launching this beer at the Capital Craft Beer Festival for the first time so DON’T miss this one!

You guys are also affiliated with other markets like Cowhouse Market – what’s next for Hazeldean in terms of growth?
Yes, towards the end of 2015 the farm become the home of the popular Cowhouse Market, where Hazeldean Brewing Company resides and dispense its beers every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00.  The market is situated in the barn that used to house 640 dairy cows. Hazeldean Brewing has become a household name at the Cowhouse and are also actively becoming more involved with the mountain bike and trail running activities on the farm. We are very excited about what is going to happen during the next 12 months for us. The brewery, also located at Hazeldean Valley, the old Hazeldean dairy farm, is currently under construction.  The brewery production plant with a potential brew length of 2 400L along with a small function facility and taste room should become operational towards the end of 2017.



Please describe the types of beer you will have on offer – and match it with a type of person that will enjoy it:

Vienna Lager: A soft, moderately rich malt flavour and aroma with a slightly bitter and dry finish. It has a toasty, bready malt character which comes from speciality malts such as Vienna, Munich and Pilsner. A well balanced food friendly beer style that goes with just about anything. This beer is the “gateway beer” leading to our other offerings. It’s easy, refreshing and will leave your taste buds ready to keep on exploring. If you like your easy drinking Lagers but want to start exploring craft beers this beer is for you.

Premiem Pale Pilsner: A classic example of a German Pilsner. Clear, pale and golden in appearance accompanied by a fluffy white head. Two Noble hop varieties are used with Saaz and Hallertauer Mittelfrüh contributing distinct but subtle spicy notes. The Aroma is clean, with a rich and complex malt backbone. Mouthfeel is medium bodied complimented by medium carbonation. The taste is rich, with complex malt flavours rounded nicely by the spicy tones from the Saaz hops. The bitterness is noticeable but with no hard edge and runs cleanly into the aftertaste. The finish is clean and crisp. If you like your hop flavours without being blown away with an IPA canon then this beer is for you.

Radler Shandy: Our Radler or Shandy is a refreshing effervescent, 2.5 percent ABV, 50/50 blend between our Premium Pilsner and our Hazeldean Craft Lemonade. Flavours of sweet, sour and bitterness are perfectly harmonised, producing a beverage that is crisp, flavourful and easy drinking, just as a Radler should be. If you need a recovery rest drink to boost your energy levels and keep on going then this is your kinda drink. FEST, REST, REPEAT!

Hazeldean Amber Weissbeer: “Amber” as depicted in the logo is derived from the material also known as amber, which is commonly found in a range of yellow-orange-brown-red colours. It also refers to the Caramel Amber malt used to create the unique appearance and flavour characters of this beer.  The original Bavarian wheat beer yeast strain used produces unique phenolic flavours of banana and cloves with little hop bitterness present. Light burnt orange in colour with a medium off-white head that finishes dry on the palate. What can we say apart from if you like Weiss then you will like this beer.

Hazeldean Milkstout: Mild roasted grain aroma, with slight hints of coffee and chocolate. An impression of cream-like sweetness exists with moderately low fruity, floral and earthy notes. Medium bodied yet creamy with medium residual sweetness from the lactose: an un-fermentable sugar derived from milk. Stout is often seen as a winter beer and as such anyone at the festival will enjoy this one.


If you could match your beer with one of the artists/acts at Capital Craft Beer Fest, who and why would you pick?  We pick The Barbosa Experience. A good description of them from their Facebook page rings:

“Songs around the fire, Songs to set things on fire, Fiery songs to go around, Round songs about fire.”

Barbosa is a regular artist playing at the Cowhouse Market so he is already familiar with our beers. Their vibe is (lively and passionate) and meshes nicely with our passion for (Local and Craft)!


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