Get To Know Hyphen Before Grietfest

HEADS WILL ROLL this Saturday at Grietfest no doubt.  Haezer vs Hyphen vs George Daniel at 21:00.  You can’t miss out.  We had a chat to Hyphen to get ready for the vibes this weekend.

You have performed at Grietfest a couple of times over the years – what do you think makes Grietfest a favourite and different from other festivals?
It’s a festival done by people who care, and that shows in the level of the production, the venue choices and the artists that they curate. It also brings together different scenes from around South Africa and Joburg, which I think is important. It’s 100% on of the highlights of the year.

Hyphen has been voted one of South Africa’s Top 30 DJs according to DJ Mag and has been playing the scene for many years – how do you stay relevant in constant change in the music industry?
Being relevant is tricky, I try not to worry about what everyone is else is doing and follow my instincts and push music that I feel strongly about. I also try stay on top of what’s happening internationally.

Trends come and go, but doing something with heart, passion and integrity is timeless.

I’ve moved through various types of music and sub genres and I’ve loved every second regardless of what people thought. Eventually people see the light if they aren’t quite on your wavelength. Half Time is the perfect example; I’ve always loved half timey things because they changed up the groove, the first time I dropped some in Joburg, people were like wtf? But now everyone’s all about Half Time. Bottom line, stick to your guns!



Coming to JHB for Grietfest, and originating from Cape Town – how would you describe the difference between the two scenes and what do you find unique in fans from both cities?
The one thing that’s the same is the passion of the fans and audience. People are really invested and are keen to support when something cool happens. The difference in Cape Town and Joburg is that Cape Town at the moment is really tricky as there are always like 3000 cool things happening every day, which makes things tough as you’re dividing your audience.

What can fans look forward to for your set at Grietfest 2017?
Myself, Haezer and George Daniel have been putting a lot of effort into our new brand and club night “Heads Will Roll “. So we’re bringing the Heads Will Roll sound and vibe to Joburg for the first time, which is super exciting. It’s basically all about ‘anything goes high quality bass heavy awesomeness’.


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