Get To Know Joey Rasdien Before Park Acoustics

Interview by Elmarie Kruger (@elmariekr)

Photos provided by Joey Rasdien



Park Acoustics isn’t over unless there is a Sunset Comedy Session – and for the last Park Acoustics of 2016, there will be a full Okes & Jokes Comedy Festival stage and all for the funny people – like Joey Rasdien.  We chatted to the comedian in anticipation of the event:

Since Park Acoustics is mostly focused on music, how do you think comedy acts fit into this set-up?
Well I don’t know hey. It’s been going for 4 years and this is the first time I am doing it so we will see.

Who are you most excited to watch at the event?
I won’t be able to watch anyone cause I have to be in and out. Pity man.

How do you think your comedy routines have grown or changed over the years?
Well I guess it’s more a stream of conscience now. As opposed to jokes.


Joey Rashdien

Joey Rasdien

Where does the majority of the inspiration behind your routines come from?
How are we able to change the audiences perspective on important issues and still get them to laugh. And the ability to be able to influence popular thinking and culture. That’s inspiring innit?

What has been your stand-out performance of 2016 so far?
Probably the opening of the Goliath Comedy Club where we had a line up that I don’t think we will ever have soon again and I was MC.

What can fans expect from you performance-wise in 2017?
Hopefully more laughter.

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