Get To Know Just Jinjer & Their Album, Everything Since Then

Interview by Roy Bouwer (@Roy_booy)

Photos by Daniel Craig

Just Jinjer’s Denholm Harding answered a few questions regarding their hiatus and their new album, Everything Since Then:

Just Jinjer’s new album Everything Since Then and new single Wonderful World has just been released after 7 years of a studio hiatus from the band, what took you guys so long to get back into the studio?
Just life, really. In the interim since our return from USA in 2009, Ard and Brent released a solo album each. Ard opened a coffee shop in Durban and Brent focused on various corporate entertainment projects. Denholm produced albums for Prime Circle, Gangs of Ballet, Jesse Clegg, Garth Taylor, Cindy Alter…

How was the experiencing of being in studio as a band after such a long hiatus?
In reality, we have never created so quickly and so collaboratively nor have we agreed on all the various elements with such ease. It was a deep pleasure and truly inspiring.

Although it’s been a while Just Jinjer’s fan base is still going strong, what can fans expect from the new material on Everything Since Then?
We cannot thank our fans enough for their fierce loyalty and incredible patience! We think that this material finally sounds like the sum of our lifelong influences, as opposed to some of our previous work, which might have been a bit more isolated to what was happening at that time. Expect more synths, for starters.

How did you go about recording new material which is true to Just Jinjer’s style but at the same time staying current?
Once a band has had success, true creation becomes harder to implement because you become fearful of many factors. For the most part, good bands have a ‘sound’ and no matter how far you try to push the stylistic and artistic boundaries, the essence will still shine through. We have made many safe albums, this time we decided to sound exactly how we always wanted to sound and not be bound by previous moulds.

The band has seen international success with your previous work, what are the hopes and goals for Everything Since Then?
We’re not be desperate about the future outcome of it all. The band, and its individuals, have already been truly blessed… the rest is a bonus. We always said, as long as we’re having fun, we’ll keep doing it.


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