Get To Know Majozi Before Mieliepop Festival

Photos by Marlon du Plooy

We’re massive fans of Majozi and are so looking forward to his set at Mieliepop Fest this year on Saturday evening at the Main Stage.

What makes you excited about Mieliepop Festival?
Well it’s gonna be my first time playing and attending. So I’m really looking forward to experiencing something new.

What can people expect from your set at the festival?
Hopefully they can expect to leave feeling stoked and maybe I would’ve taught them a few songs from my album. I just want to include everybody in the set.

What is the one thing you think people going to Mieliepop specifially, need to pack?
Nuts. For Energy?



Why do you love festivals?
Personally I love catching up with the other bands. Seeing how they’ve progressed and finding out there plans. You become a little family with everybody and it’s nice that we get to play alongside each other and support each other.

Who are you excited to see perform at Mieliepop this year?
I pretty much love everybody on the line up, but I’ve gotta say Ben Dey & the Concrete Lions. There’s something special and unique about them.

If we can’t find you on stage, or in front of the stage watching a different band, where do you hang out during a festival?
Maybe look around the sound deck, ha ha, otherwise maybe in the line looking for food, but for the most part you’ll see me watching the bands.

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