Get To Know Missu Before Park Acoustics

Photo credit:  Brett van Dort

Ending this Sunday with a bang, it’s Missu from Durban. We can’t wait to welcome him to the Park Acoustics family. Don’t Miss out on Missu!

How did you start to DJ and making mixes? Take us though your journey.
Well I’ve been producing for 6/7 years now and started gigging when I lived in CT about 3 years ago.

You are also a composer and producer – have you worked on stuff we would recognize?
Yeah I have a composition and production company with Dan Basckin (who’s also an incredible musician) and we’ve written ads for Game stores, Mr. Price, Tappers and Castle Lite. I also write with artists for their personal projects.
Hailing from Durban – how do you think that influences your music?
I can’t pin point the exact influences that have come from Durban but there is certainly a banging Jazz scene which I’m very fond of and I’m sure that sneaks its way into my music. There’s also a big push from all the Durban artists at the moment so there’s a lot of energy in the music.
What’s in store for you for the rest of the year?
Beside Park Acoustics I’m playing Grietfest and then October time I’m playing OppiKoppi! Also there may be a release on the way 🙂 x
Park Acoustics is a monthly highlight in Gauteng – which act on the line-up are you most excited to check out?
I’ve never seen The Ceramincs so I’m keen to see what they’re about <3


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