Get To Know Nomadic Orchestra Before Halloween

Interview by Elmarie Kruger (@elmariekr)

Photo provided by Nomadic Orchestra

Tickets are basically sold out and we are ready for Halloween 2016!  We are definitely ready for Nomadic Orchestra, headlining at 01:00:


You’ll be playing at Halloween 2016 this year. Do you have any personal expectations for your set there?
We expect the undead to rise from their graves and bounce their way to the stage in some sort of epic Thriller dance sequence, hopefully not eating the brains of anyone on their way to the stage. Because it’s gonna be a good vibe and we don’t want anyone to lose their head over it all.

What can fans expect from your Halloween 2016 set?
A little bump in the night, a little shake shake in their bones!

Does the band have any plans to dress up for the event?
We’re hideous and terrifying most days without trying, but this time, we may well be a little extra SCARY!

Nomadic Orchestra

Nomadic Orchestra

What is the band’s favourite song to perform live?

You recently played an intimate show at City Hall Auditorium for CT Fringe. What was the experience like?
Even though the fans weren’t blood-sucking, children-eating monsters, they danced very well. But people can always be made to change… MUAHAHAHAHA

Are there any new creations in the pipeline for the band?
We’re currently collecting vital organs and large body parts. Once we’ve got that ready we’ll be able to assemble a man in our image and hit that sucker with some solid lightning bolts so we can defeat death and build a second tuba player. If you have any spare body parts or organs that you’re no longer using, please contact us at


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