Get To Know RudeOne Before Mieliepop Festival

Photo provided by RudeOne

It’s only 3 sleeps to go before The Republic of Mieliepop Festival welcomes us to their lush greens and beautiful music, even out of a cave!  We got chatting to RudeOne, who is also bringing the Science Frikshun party this year!

What makes you excited about Mieliepop Festival?
This will be my very first time attending Mieliepop and I have heard very good things about this beautiful festival. To make it even more exciting, we (Science Frikshun) are hosting a night in the #RaveCave alongside TOY TOY and Fiction Nights. It just doesn’t get more exciting than this!

What can people expect from your set at the festival?
I have never played in an actual cave before. Let’s see what happens, but I think things are going to get deep…

What is the one thing you think people going to Mieliepop specifically, need to pack?
Vibes, pack your best vibes.

Why do you love festivals?
It’s the massive excitement and hype around it. Festivals tend to get better and better each year with upgrades to facilities and the production quality. It’s also the whole festival vibe that gets me going, people leave their worries at home and just have a good time.



Who are you excited to see perform at Mieliepop this year?
I’m keen to see how the cave goes down. A change in setting is normally an inspiration for artists to do something different. I’m also going for the full weekend, so definitely keen to check out some of the bands as well. Fuzigish, PHFat, Tidal Waves, Hello Beautiful are some names that comes to mind.

If we can’t find you on stage, or in front of the stage watching a different band, where do you hang out during a festival?
At the Bar with the homies 😉

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