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Photos by Waldo Pretorius

This month, Ryki has been on everyone’s lips with her new music video Throw You Down and EP that dropped. We got to catch up with this very young, vibrant and talented lady to find out more about her and her music:

You have previously stated that your sound is a new brand for you. Please elaborate and explain?
Since the moment I’ve been signed, I took the time to find my sound and just made music out of the heart. I’m still experimenting but I feel like Throw You Down is very close to the vibe I want to go into. Very hip hop influenced production with deep dark vocal atmospheres. I love pop but I don’t want to move into it completely. I’d rather have an underground/different style with mainstream and pop elements. I also want to focus more on quality regarding my music and my videos. I’m working towards creating a very strong brand.

Your Throw You Down video is amazing – and it features famous designers.  Please explain where the concept was born and how everyone got involved and on board to make this video happen?  How was it during the filming process?
Thank you. Well, I knew what quality I wanted and the direction I wanted to move in so I sat down with two amazing film directors Waldo Pretorius and JT Moatshe. They took over and made all the arrangements for me. They are extremely professional and everything was in order those two days we filmed. It was so fun but real hard work! The process was makeup, hair, wardrobe change, performance shots and repeat! I am so very thankful for everyone who was involved. It was truly amazing. I wouldn’t want to go with another team again.



Music has been in your life since you were 8, and you started writing music and poems from 11…do you see yourself also writing hits for other people in the future?
I still need to learn a lot but I have been thinking about writing Afrikaans for Afrikaans Artist in the industry since I am Afrikaans and can express myself better too. I will most definitely start co-writing soon!

Your self-titled EP is out this past month – how do you think people have reacted to it?
So far good! I love everyone’s thoughts and the way they have different favourites. The EP was for people to get a little taste of how I sounded while discovering my sound. It’s only a little piece of what I will bring to them but I wanted them to get to know me better through it.

Are you working on anything exciting we should know about?
I am working on my Live Set at the moment. I have done a few gigs but I’ve never been on a stage for 30min alone. So I am planning for it! Can’t wait to connect to my followers in that way!

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