Get To Know SDO Before Park Acoustics

Photo supplied by SDO

They will be hitting the Park Acoustics stage at 14:15 and Satanic Dagga Orgy will be surprising everyone at the show for sure!  We got to catch up with the band to find out what you can expect this Sunday:

The Prawn Awakens is your new EP – tell us more about it?
It’s our third record, and as you know, three is a magic number. We recorded it at Anti-Motion Studios, exclusively between the hours of midnight and 2 AM, and made sure we blessed the entire studio with unicorn blood beforehand. It’s a four-track EP and we feel it effectively shows the growth The Orj has undergone in the last year. It’s almost a mini showcase of the different genres and flavours that make up Satanic Dagga Orgy. It also has an instrument called an auto-harp on it. #Fancy

Your EP launch is in April in Johannesburg, are you also doing a tour for the rest of South Africa
Yes! We launch the album in Jozi at Rumours Rock City on April 14th – Good Friday. If we don’t get struck by lightning for our ongoing and unapologetic blasphemy, we’ll be touring The Prawn Awakens (and our other tunes) around SA from 21 April to 1 May – we’ve got shows in Potch, Knysna, Cape Town and a host of other places we have never been before – watch our Facebook for more details.



What can people expect of your EP?
13 minutes of bloodcurdling screams put to kazoo music. We’ve gone in a new direction over the last year. It’s 4 tracks, which we all think are ear-worms. We’ve also been lucky enough to have some of our friends feature – Big Willy from Fuzigish, Kristin Walters from Jerry & The Bandits, and David Grevler from Tailor, Jesse Clegg and Wrestlerish all add a little something extra. We are very proud of it.

Please describe a typical SDO-fan.
There is nothing typical about our fans. From the 80 year-old granny at Boosh, to the 6 year-old who sent us some fan art. We like to think we are an all-inclusive band, but we doubt that any of our fans look like the majority of the crowd at Ultra. They are all sexy though, except the kids.

What festival are  you guys most looking forward to play this year?
We are dying to play Up The Creek. But that being said, we love festivals – so if you are a festival organiser, get in touch, we give excellent return on investment and handjobs.

Park Acoustics is one of our favourite gigs – what are you most looking forward to on Sunday?
Besides playing with our friends Brett Newski and The Shabs, we are amped to taste some Jack Parow brandy and excited at the very real possibility that certain highly religious people may actually try and stop us from playing.

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