Get To Know The Ceramics Before Park Acoustics

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The Ceramics are starting this month’s edition of Park Acoustics off at 11:00.  We got to chat to them a little bit before the show:

We know you guys are a fun indie rock band from Johannesburg, but how did the band start?
We started 2 years ago, we all met through varsity and socially, respectively and we decided to give it a go and pick up chicks but we enjoyed playing shows so much and haven’t looked back ever since haha.

You guys have already played some big shows to date – tell us about your three biggest shows and what the vibe was like?
Wow that is quite a hard choice since we’ve been so fortunate with the shows we’ve played but I guess, in no particular order, opening for Francois Van Coke, Aandklas on St Patricks day and Lush festival earlier this year, they were crazy! The vibe was absolutely insane and everyone danced more than we did, it took weeks of recuperation after those shows!



Your EP ‘Ýoung’ is doing really well and your single “Be Together” is currently number 2 on the TuksFM Top 30. Other people are obviously enjoying the music. How does that make you feel?
It really is such a humbling experience, I mean we’re all so young and to have people enjoy our music means everything to us. TuksFM have been brilliant to us, having ‘Be Together’ at number 2 on a list with some of our favourite bands is crazy, we fan girl every single time!

Park Acoustics is also a highlight to play – what band are you guys excited to see on the line-up?
We still can’t believe it really! Of course we are excited to see Shortstraw, they have been such legends to us on our journey thus far, like if Yoda was a band, he’d be Shortstraw and we’d be Luke Skywalker but not as beautiful as him haha and We Are Charlie! We’ve played 2 shows with them so far and we get more excited to watch them play than we are to play our own set, absolutely beautiful dudes!

What else is in store for you this year?
We’ve been finishing up a few more songs for our debut E.P ‘Young’ and that will hopefully be out towards the end of the year or beginning of next year.


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