Get to know The Kiffness before Park Acoustics

Interview by Jonathan Tager (@jonoCreates)

Photos provided by The Kiffness

The Kiffness will be at Jack Daniels presents The World of Park Acoustics this Sunday, playing the Electronic Floor at 17:00.  Be sure to check these guys out, but first – get to know them a little bit more right here:

You guys are on tour, which one of you is disappearing into back alleyways and who’s making friends with the ladies sipping daiquiri’s at the bar?

LOL. We try and keep ourselves out of trouble.

How long have you guys been playing your instruments?

I’ve been playing piano since the age of 2. I first started playing trumpet when my junior school started a music department. This big scary German man pointed at people in the class saying ‘You vill pley za suxafon. You vill pley za trombon’. When he pointed at me he said ‘You vill pley….. za trompet.’ And that was that. I’ve picked up drums, bass and guitar along the way.

Black Norris and I were in the high school choir and jazz band together, which is how we met. Black Norris has been playing drums since high school, and drums more recently.


The Kiffness - Onesies


Have you guys ever considered leaving this life to join a marching band in the American Deep South like on the movie Drumline?

Lol. No.

What do you guys think about Park Acoustics? Are you nervous or scared you might be too good? Or that you might fail miserably?

We’ve only heard good things. We’ve been gigging for a while now, so we’re pretty comfortable on stage.

You guys have a major party vibe – is this just for the music or is it something you live by on purpose or by chance?

We’re actually pretty mellow in person. Dance floors are our offices so we try and stay away from them as much as possible in our free time. The aim with the music is that it can be both something you can listen to by the pool or in a club. I’ve grown up listening to good dance music, so that’s what I’m trying to emulate.

You guys have a kick ass website (click here)

Cool art and stuff!

You come from Cape Town, where art and design and all the rest really flourish. How do you guys feel you fit in or contribute there?

Thanks. The website was designed by my brother Mike Scott who has contributed enormously to The Kiffness brand with his kiff artwork. We’re not sure how we fit in in Cape Town. There aren’t a lot of live electronic acts so we kind of feel like we’re neither in the inner circle of bands or DJs. But I guess.

Have you guys ever considered turning so professional that even Dan Patlanksy goes: “Damn, now those guys are professional!”?

I don’t think anyone who understands the vastness of music reaches a point where they can truly say they’ve ‘turned professional’, but we try and keep a professional attitude to consistently improve our craft. As long as each show is better than the last then we’re happy.


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