Get To Know The Sextons Before Park Acoustics?

It’s on. Do you have your tickets? Don’t even think of buying at the gate on Sunday, cause you might be disappointed! Also, The Sextons are on at 11:00 so don’t come late either! We got to catch-up with the band a bit before we celebrate 8 years of Park Acoustics together.

You guys have been really busy this year, playing a bunch of gigs.  What’s the best part about playing live shows for you personally?
There are so many amazing elements attached to live shows! Your audience is instantly reactive, their responses are authentic and the chemistry between us on stage is unforgettable!

If you could collaborate with any other South African musician/artist, who would it be, and why and what would you guys create?
That’s a tough one!!  There are so many incredible South African artists we would love to collaborate with, to name a few Nathi, Mango Groove, Nasty C, The Kiffness, Black Coffee and many more… If we had to choose one it would be Black Coffee. He is unbelievably talented, current and innovative. We would love to create tracks with him that entail a story telling/musical journey. 

We love your video for Inside that came out this year – who came up with the concept and where did you find all the different types of people to be part of the video?
It was a lot of fun!! 🙂  Jamie-Lee Sexton came up with the idea for the music video. It was inspired by Jane Fonda’s aerobics tapes in the eighties.   And all those crazy/beautiful people in the video are our friends 🙂


Photo supplied by The Sextons


What is in store for The Sextons for the rest of 2017?
We have a bunch of wonderful projects lined up! We can’t spill all the beans, but we can say that new material is coming soon and a killer tour!

With regards to being on the line-up for Park Acoustics’ 8th birthday – what does that mean to you?
It is a tremendous pleasure to be part of this festival’s 8th Birthday celebration.  And to share the stage with some of South Africa best!! We can’t wait!!

Who else on the line-up are you very excited to see play live?
Fokof is going to be amazing!! High energy, amazing crowd and the best setting! And The bones, they are always fantastic. 


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