Get To Know The Shabs Before Park Acoustics

Photo provided by The Shabs
It’s Park Acoustics time this Sunday, but before we  get dancing on a Sunday, we interviewed some bands on the bill and got to know them better.  The Shabs are playing at 12:05 which is the best time to grab a quick beer or Southern Comfort and Lemon Twist (trust us) and get to the stage to jam with them.

You have re-branded your name – please tell us why?
This is our first name change since we started the band. We were called The Shabeen since 2012 when we formed and after a bit of consciousness and realizition, we figured that name wasn’t appropriate anymore in South Africa. The last thing we want to do is add to the problem of culture appropriation so we figured we would shorted our name to The Shabs. The support so far has been great and the name change also came hand in hand with some new material and adding some extra fringe members and we’re amped to move forward .
Brett Newski is in town and you were one of the supporting acts on the tour – are you guys good friends?
We’re great friends. Brett and I met in 2012 and have remained solid since. He’s recorded some of my material on his records and we’ve co-written songs that have since been released by both him and The Shabs. We’re doing his whole national tour with him and we’re stoked to hit the road and hang out for the next month.
What’s the best thing about touring?
Seeing your friends around the country and playing to new people.

The Shabs

Please describe what you think your typical fan looks like?
The generally have at least one tattoo and wear mostly band merch.
You are busy recording your new EP at the moment, what can fans expect?
Ah man! We’re so stoked on this set of songs. They’re fast and super energetic and easy to sing along to. We’re also releasing this EP as a split album with Rambling Bones. They’ll also be recording 5 tracks and we’ll probably do a collaborated song as well and release a 10/11 track banger of an album.
Park Acoustics is one of our favourite gigs – what are you most looking forward to on Sunday?
Mostly just playing to the Park Acoustics crowd. They’re always great to play to. And we’re also amped to see the other bands on the bill. It’s an epic line-up.

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