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Interview by Dee Theart (@deetheart)

Photos by Jaco S. Venter (@snakeskull666)


Yes, Thieve is back with a bang! This Cape Town three-piece (drummer Sheldon Yoko has been added to the band) is ready to embark on a national tour following the release of their new album, “Extra Ordinary”, and what better place to kick off than at Park Acoustics!  Make sure to catch Thieve live at Park Acoustics on the main stage at 14:00 on Sunday, 3 April. I caught up with frontman, Andrew Davenport.

Wow, we’ve missed you guys! How has life been treating you since you’ve last performed as Thieve (years ago, it seems) and what have you been up to?
We’ve been really busy with other bands and different musical endeavours. Yeah it’s been a while and we can’t wait get back up there.

Why has it taken so long to revive Thieve?
It was difficult to find open weekends to tour an act that hadn’t released an album for a while. We were always writing, but not really performing. Now that the album’s out we have no choice but to tour again. It’s awesome!

Has it been more difficult or easier to write and record new Thieve songs compared to the past?
It isn’t really a past and present kind of thing. Fred and I are songwriters by nature. We’ve been slowly churning out ideas for a long time now, but I suppose the fact that we’ve become more familiar with each other has definitely helped with the writing.

How much different is the new album compared to the songs you’ve become known for and loved for as a band?
The new album doesn’t quite stick to a genre, but it has more of a consistent lyrical theme or mood than our previous stuff. The songs on “Extra Ordinary” are more considered and probably just better in general.


Thieve_7_Jaco S. Venter-MR

Thieve – Photo by Jaco S Venter


How would you sum up the new record in a nutshell?
Music we enjoyed making.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the song and the video for “Wild Western Cape”?
We actually made the song quite a while ago to be honest. We were spending most nights out blending in with the chaos of inner city Cape Town. “Wild Western Cape” sort of sums up one of those nights. The video, however, is footage of us making the album that Jaco Venter collected and edited together for the release of the single.

Park Acoustics is always a jol, so do you have any tricks up your sleeve for this particular show?
Well I’m not going to let any of them out of the bag now. It’s our first show of our album launch tour and the first in a really long time, so we’re stoked to able to celebrate that at Park Acoustics.

What, according to you, are the top three things to bring/do at a day festival like Park Acoustics?
Bring cash, get loose, sing along.


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